Don't-Miss Home tech Stories


Amazon Dash wants to make buying groceries as easy as saying 'cheese'

This new handheld device from Amazon will put groceries in your visual shopping cart—all you need to do is tell it what you want.


Philips Hue getting cheaper bulbs and a portable light switch

$40 Hue Lux bulbs cut the color as competition looms.


Samsung gets into smart lighting with Bluetooth bulbs

Bluetooth connection won't require any extra equipment, Samsung says.

lg smart lamp korea

LG sees the light, intros smart bulb of its own

Joining the mix of other connected lighting products, LG's Smart Lamp lets you dim the lights, set alarms, and even notify you of phone calls all through a connected mobile app.


Keep an eye on your home with these two ridiculously simple surveillance apps

Monitor your home, child, or pet by using an app on your phone paired with an extra piece of equipment.


Belkin fixes WeMo security holes that gave hackers access to home appliances

Your light switches and thermostats are safe, for now.

nest hand

Empty Nest: My old thermostat was too dumb to reboot

Smart devices like the Nest thermostat need to be simple and elegant, but the heaters and electrical systems they attach to are anything but.

Super Bowl Party

Gear up for the ultimate Super Bowl party

You still have time to get your home theater in tip-top shape, plan the food and drinks, and grab an app or six to help out.

Google is creepy, but you shouldn't automatically fear it invading your Nest

You can't be a player in the Internet of Things without things, preferably really nice things. But Google's a data company, never forget.

Why Google paid $3.2 billion for Nest's smart thermostats

The deal gives Google a stronger footing in the emerging world of the connected home

Nest on wall

Google buys Nest, world gets one step closer to 'OK Glass, make my house warmer'

Will Google's $3.2 billion investment in the Internet of Things market have privacy implications for Nest's customers? Nest, naturally, says no.

mimo onesie

Mimo's baby monitor could soothe anxious parents' fears

Mimo's infant tracker keeps tabs on your baby's vitals, and takes the traditional baby monitor to the next level.

okidokeys inside view

Will smart locks open the door for home automation?

Big home-automation systems are intimidating, but tech is still colonizing the home one step at a time. First it was smart thermostats, then Bluetooth light bulbs, and now it's smart keys with smart locks.

whirlpool cooktop

Whirlpool’s future home has a cooktop you Facebook from

Of the zillions of connected home devices at the International CES, Whirlpool’s interactive cooktop is the one we’d actually like to use.

opener1 ha

Your kitchen is about to get very high-tech -- if you have the dough

Ready to Facebook from your stove? Get ready, it's coming.