Don't-Miss Projector Stories

sony lifespace ux

Sony's Life Space UX demo boasts of interactive entertainment

Lights, projectors, speakers, displays, and sensors work together to create a dreamy living room experience.

sony 4k ultra short throw

Sony plans 4K short-throw laser projector

Launching this summer for up to $40,000, the projector can create virtual windows,

Hands-on with LG's 100-inch Hecto Laser TV

A short-throw laser projector plus a 100-inch screen equals a $9000 visual experience.

IMAX Private Theatre now available to our five richest kings

IMAX has introduced the Private Theatre, the ultimate in home theater starting at a cool $2 million.

Interactive Exhibit Hall Roundup - SXSW 2013

Interactive Exhibit Hall Roundup - SXSW 2013

Bore your relatives and show vacation photos with this DIY smartphone projector

Find our how to build your own photo projector with a smartphone, a magnifying glass, and a shoebox.

Smart Forstars concept car has built-in movie projector (video)

Talk about a show-off: an LCD projector integrated into the car’s hood can stream movies from your phone.

How to Put Your Movies on Your Media Server

Here's how you, too, can put twenty boxes of DVDs into a single 2TB hard drive.

Extreme Tech: 22 Devices That Go All Out

Check out these 22 devices that push the limits of technology in almost every way.

Best of 2012 CE Week

A Look at the Coolest Products and Concepts Coming Out of This Year's CE Week.

New Sony Projector Can Show, Record Notes Scribbled Onto the Screen

Sony said Monday it will sell a projector that displays and saves notes scribbled onto the images it projects.

First Look: Samsung's Galaxy Beam Android Phone with a Built-In Projector

The Galaxy Beam packs in a 15-lumens projector without sacrificing slimness.


Homemade iPhone Projector Puts Shoeboxes To Good Use

Got an old shoebox, a magnifying glass, a few Lego blocks, and some duct tape? You too can make your own iPhone projector by following this Instructables project.

Tiny Add-on Turns IPhone Into Hand Projector, Throws 25-inch Screen From 1 Meter

A tiny projector that plugs into an iPhone's docking slot and can throw a 25-inch image about a meter away has gone on sale in Japan and China.