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5 awesome Blu-ray box sets for the holidays

Whether its rare foreign art, 1950’s teenage angst, or spaceships firing photon torpedoes, these boxes of Blu-ray make a great gift.

Pioneer BDR-2208

Pioneer 15x Blu-ray burner coming soon for under $100

The Pioneer BDR-2208 15x Blu-ray drive can be an effective tool for small businesses to backup and archive important data.

How to Put Your Movies on Your Media Server

Here's how you, too, can put twenty boxes of DVDs into a single 2TB hard drive.

Extreme Tech: 22 Devices That Go All Out

Check out these 22 devices that push the limits of technology in almost every way.

Hollywood's Top 12 Tech Heroes

From the gothic Lisbeth Salander in "Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" to the brainy Mark Zuckerberg in "Social Network," blockbuster movies elevate the tech geek from quirky sidekick to cool hero (or anti-hero).

Wal-Mart Launches Vudu Disc-to-Digital Store Program: Here's How It Works

Is Wal-Mart's new disc-to-digital conversion program worth its price? We investigate.

Online Video Expected to Overtake DVD, Blu-ray Viewing this Year

A study by IHS projects that Americans will watch 3.4 billion movies online this year, an increase of more than 135 percent from 2011.

Sony NSZ-GT1 Wi-Fi Blu-ray Player, $203

Amazon has the Google-TV enabled Sony NSZ-GT1 Blu-ray player on sale for only $203, with free shipping.

2011's Hottest Holiday Tech Gifts

Looking for the perfect gadget for everyone on your holiday list this year? Whether your budget is big or small and whether your recipients are old or young, here's a list.

Panasonic DMP-BDT210 3D Blu-ray Player, $139

Amazon is selling Panasonic's 3D Wi-Fi Blu-ray player for only $139, with free shipping

20 Awesome Black Friday Tech Deals

Here's a quick roundup of deals on all kinds of tech goodies available in this year's Black Friday holiday sales.

10 Early-Bird Black Friday Deals Available This Weekend

Retailers are getting a jump on Black Friday by offering deep discounts the weekend before the official season opening of the holiday buying frenzy.

Video Format War: Blu-ray vs. Streaming

Blu-ray Discs are growing in popularity--but how long until streaming surpasses them?