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Have a spare DualShock 4 controller? Why not use it to play games on your Mac? Chris Breen explains how.


iPad stylus buying guide: Find the perfect tablet accessory

We've spent months looking at dozens of styluses with all forms, shapes, and nib tips. Here are our top 2013 picks for a great writing, sketching, drawing, or painting stylus.

Pick out the right Stylus for your tablet

iPad styluses come in all forms, shapes, and nib tips. We highlight the ones that are best for each task.

Buying guide: Microphones for speech recognition

Here's an overview of the different types of microphones you can use with speech recognition software, how they work, and what might be the best mic for the way you work.

Travel Smart: The Best Tech Gear for the Road

You can take it with you. A digital nomad reveals his favorite mobile equipment for traveling light.


5 Amazing Windows UI Tweaks

Want to wow people with your PC? Here's how to spice up your tech life with widgets, wallpaper, and multitouch screens.


PCWorld's Giant Cable Guide

Here's how to identify every important audio, video, PC, peripheral, and networking cable.

PCWorld's Peripheral Cable Guide

Too many PC peripherals and cables to keep straight? Here's how to identify each one.

Parlay Your Photos Into Holiday Cards and Calendars

Use image-editing software and Websites to turn your digital photos into handcrafted greeting cards and other holiday gifts.

Are You Neglecting Your Windows Key?

A tap of the Windows key takes you to the Start menu, where--in Vista and 7--you can start typing to dynamically search for apps, files, e-mail, and the like.

Get More From Your Mouse

Use your mouse wheel to scroll tabs in Office and open new tabs in Firefox--plus, never double-click again.

How to Prevent a Data Disaster

If a natural disaster wipes out your hard drive, it will probably destroy your local backups, too. Here's a backup plan that will get you through even the worst-case scenario.


Rules for PC World's Digital Focus Photo Contest

Hot Pic of the Week details, rules, and legal mumbo jumbo.

How to Install a DVD Drive

Step-by-step guide to adding an optical drive.