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Giving Up Cable and Satellite TV

LiveBrianD asked about giving up cable TV and streaming cheaper content off the Internet

Beginner's Guide to Managing Mobile Movies

Are you wondering how to put your movie collection on your brand-new smartphone or tablet for some on-the-go video goodness? Read this collection of how-tos to find out how to rip your DVDs and Blu-ray movies, convert them in HandBrake, and sync your iTunes purchases.

How to Rip a Blu-ray Disc With MakeMKV

Want to make high-quality copies of your Blu-ray movie collection? Here's how to rip Blu-ray movies to your PC with MakeMKV.

Can I Wirelessly Connect My PC to My HDTV?

Ernest Valdez, Jr. asked how he could wirelessly send a video signal from his computer to his HDTV

HDMI vs. Component Video

Ericuse165 asked the HDTV & Home Theater forum if Component Video will give the same image quality as HDMI

Clean Up Your Cables, Home-Theater Edition

You didn't spend $3000 on a new home-theater system with the idea that you'd end up with a setup that looks like a rat's nest. Here are some tips and tricks to make your the cable clutter associated with your home theater more manageable--and maybe even go wireless.

Build a 3D Home Theater PC With Sandy Bridge

Follow our advice to construct your own 3D-ready home theater PC based on Intel's newest CPU line.

Blu-ray Audio Quality: HDMI vs. Optical

Robert Melczarek asked me why, if HDMI and optical connections are both digital, HDMI provides better sound

All About Video Codecs and Containers

Figuring out which codec and container format to use for your video masterpiece can be confusing. Here's how to pick the right combination.

12 Ways the Tech Industry Is Screwing You (and How to Fight Back)

Whether you seek out cutting-edge tech gear or keep to a strict budget, the tech industry has ways to nickel-and-dime you out of your hard-earned cash. Here’s how to fight back.

Daisy-Chaining HDMI

Rickpfloyd asked the HDTV & Home Theater forum if one loses image quality daisy chaining HDMI cables from a DVR through a receiver to your HDTV

New Movies on Blu-ray in Red-and-Blue 3D?

Tom Moriarty wants to know if any new 3D movies will be released in old-style 3D

Video Formats Explained

Arnold Rudoff asked for advice on video formats