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What's the best device if you want to embrace a post-paper reading world? That all depends on whether you want a dedicated reading device or a more versatile tablet.

Travel tips: what you can't leave behind

Planning on traveling during the holidays? Then you'll need to decide which of your tech gadgets you need to bring along. Here's how to figure that out.

Cleaning up an ebook library with Calibre

If you've downloaded countless free ebooks you may find your library jumbled and difficult to deal with. The free Calibre can help, but not always easily.


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Convert a Kindle ebook to a different format

Whether you're looking to back up your Kindle books or read them on another device, you'll need to remove the DRM.

Send Web pages to your Kindle with new Firefox add-on

No longer limited to Chrome users, the Send to Kindle extension is now available for Firefox.

How to Send Web Content Straight to Your Kindle

Amazon's new Send to Kindle browser extension for Google Chrome makes it a snap to make Web pages mobile.

How to Use a Kindle DX as a PC Display

With a few tools and tricks, you can transform your Kindle DX e-reader into a second screen for your Windows computer.

Turn your old iPad into a dedicated e-reader

Your new iPad needn't relegate your old one to a neglected spot on your nightstand. With minimal effort, you can convert the older one into a dedicated e-reading tablet.

How to Sync Your Media Library to Your Android Phone

Here's how to sync your photos, videos, and music to your Android phone with DoubleTwist for Windows.

How to Convert an Ebook to the Amazon Kindle Format

Here's how to convert ePub files into a format that you can read on your Kindle.

How to Root Your Kindle Fire

No Android device is really yours unless you have root access. Here's how to install the Android SDK and root your Kindle Fire.

How to Extend the Loan Period of a Borrowed E-Book

If two weeks isn't enough time to finish the e-book you borrowed for your Kindle (and possibly your Nook), you may be able to keep it longer.

How to Download Free Ebooks

With just a little searching, you can find and download free, legal ebooks for your e-reader, smartphone, or tablet.