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Forget megapixels. A camera's soul is its sensor, and not all are created equal.

How to use auditions in Final Cut Pro X

Final Cut Pro X’s audition feature makes it fast, easy, and downright fun to try out different creative options for your edit.


Anatomy of a video file

You’ve started shopping for an camcorder, and you’re swamped by a sea of letters, numbers, and indecipherable acronyms. What does it all mean? Our camcorder expert Bryan Hastings breaks it down in this handy guide.

Buying guide: Camcorders

We break down the types of camcorders to choose from and offer some quick tips that you can take to the store.

Shoot, Share, and Edit Your Photos and Video on the Cheap

You don't need to a spend a fortune to share your holiday photos or edit your family videos. We'll show you how to do it for cheap or free--plus, check out our tips for buying new camera lenses.

How to Buy a Digital Camcorder

The sizes of current consumer HD camcorders range from small to smaller. Here's an overview of your camcorder options, from pocket-size to professional-grade.

How to Edit Video on the Cheap

Great high-definition camcorders are expensive, but excellent video-editing software doesn't have to be. Here's how to use free software to give your videos a professional look.

Video Chatting for Newbies

Video chatting isn't nearly as scary as it seems. Here's our foolproof guide to getting even the most technophobic relatives and friends online for some face-to-face time.

Smartphone Video Tips: Shooting, Editing, and Sharing

Not satisfied with your smartphone videos? Here's how to solve the shaky-cam problem, edit your videos for free, and get more views on YouTube.

The Early Adopter's Guide to Editing and Sharing 3D Video

Editing and playing pro-quality 3D video is still very expensive, but there are some cheap-and-easy ways to experiment with the third dimension. Here's what's out there right now, from several-thousand-dollar setups to no-budget options.

How to Shoot Great Video With a DSLR

Want to take your DSLR's video to the next level? Here are some pro tips for picking the right lenses, focusing your shots, buying a rig, and everything in between.

How to Clean Your Tech

Here's how to keep your PC and other tech gear clean--on the outside and the inside.