Broadcasters may have beat back Aereo, but online TV's future is bright

James Careless , TechHive

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Broadcast networks may still be celebrating last month’s big win where the Supreme Court sided with them in a dispute with online TV service Aereo. But even though the court’s decision put a stop to Aereo rebroadcasting network TV content without paying for it—and knocked Aereo out of commission, at least temporarily—don’t expect ABC, CBS, Fox, and NBC to spend too time much popping corks. They likely know that winning a battle is not the same as winning the war, and the war for consumer eyeballs between traditional and online TV is just getting started.

Like Al Capone, Aereo lost on a technicality. The notorious gangster wasn’t sent to prison eight decades ago for bootlegging booze and killing people; instead, he went to jail for tax evasion—and only after he wrote the IRS and volunteered to pay back taxes on his previously undeclared criminal income. (Sometimes honesty is not the best policy.)


Aereo captured and recorded over-the-air TV signals for streaming on the Web, but it lost its Supreme Court case because it wasn’t paying broadcasters for transmitting their content. 

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Turtle Shell waterproof Bluetooth speakers offer long battery life, durability

Nick Barber , IDG News Service

The shower and the beach aren’t usually friendly places for electronics, but the new Turtle Shell Bluetooth speakers from Outdoor Tech seem right at home in either locale.

Although they have some minor drawbacks in design and sound quality, I was impressed with the speakers after testing them for a few days. The Turtle Shell costs $130 and its larger brother, the Big Turtle Shell, is priced at $230.


The $230 Big Turtle Shell (left) and $130 Turtle Shell (right) are waterproof Bluetooth speakers that promise good sound quality and long battery life.

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MediaBeam review: This ultra-cheap streaming stick isn't worth the money

Lincoln Spector Contributing Editor, TechHive

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Just what the world needs: another HDMI dongle to compete with Google’s Chromecast and Roku’s Streaming Stick. Like those popular devices, Ematic’s MediaBeam plugs directly into one of your HDTV’s HDMI ports in order to stream content.

But the MediaBeam is unique in three important ways. First, at $30, it’s a bit cheaper than the $35 Chromecast and considerably less than Roku’s $50 stick. Second, the MediaBeam emphasizes local media—the photos, music, and videos stored on your PC, phone, or tablet—rather than content streaming from the Internet. And finally, it’s rough, difficult to use, and buggy, as if Ematic rushed it out too quickly.

The basics and initial setup

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BitTorrent's Bundle paywall is part Kickstarter, part iTunes

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BitTorrent Inc. has a new plan to monetize file sharing with a project that's one part Kickstarter and one part iTunes. The company behind the BitTorrent peer-to-peer file-sharing protocol recently shared more information on its plan to create a "pay gate" for its BitTorrent Bundle project. BitTorrent first told us of its pay gate plans in June.

The new plan includes two different projects. The first pay gate bundle will be from a "major musical" artist set to debut this summer, according to The New York Times. BitTorrent had not yet responded to our request for comment at this writing.

cotm 1

TV series Children of the Machine will ask BitTorrent users to fund its production.

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Every episode of 'South Park' ever joins new original programming on Hulu

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If you’re a Hulu user and a fan of the animated Comedy Central series South Park, here’s some good news for you: On Saturday, Hulu announced that it had reached a deal to become the exclusive streaming provider for the 18th season of South Park, which kicks off on September 24th.

In addition to the latest season, for the rest of the summer, Hulu will also offer up every episode of every season of the show for your streaming enjoyment. So now’s your chance to finally find out why your friends keep talking about ManBearPig, whatever that is.

The Awesomes, one of Hulu’s original series.

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Yahoo acquires video streaming startup RayV

Zach Miners , IDG News Service

Zach Miners covers social networking, search and general technology news for IDG News Service
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Yahoo has acquired online video streaming company RayV with the aim of distributing content to more people, particularly via mobile devices.

RayV, founded in 2005, is focused on efficiently distributing HD-quality video to a global audience, with a focus on mobile.

Terms of the deal were not disclosed. “Yahoo is focused on growing video users and monthly streams, and while we’re only getting started, we’re very focused on this in 2014,” Yahoo said in its announcement of the deal.

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SoundCloud gets Sonos integration, record deals possible

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SoundCloud is getting integrated with Sonos music systems, as it reportedly tries to become more than just a place for music you haven’t heard of.

The service, which got its start in 2007, allows users to upload their own music and audio recordings. It’s become a way for obscure groups to get their music discovered, for DJs to share remixes, and for more established artists to stream individual tracks—such as a preview from a new album—without having to serve up MP3s on a standalone website.

In announcing the integration with its home speaker systems, Sonos noted that SoundCloud receives 12 hours of new music and audio uploads every minute. Sonos users will be able to sift through that music using the Sonos Controller app’s universal search function.

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