'Muhammad Ali: The Greatest' and 10 other movies now streaming

As kids, summer did not begin on the official first day of summer. Summer began when school let out and we were suddenly free to go to the movies. Those movies seemed bigger, more exciting, more adventurous, with bigger laughs, and bigger heroes.

This week in new and notable streaming movies, we have three of the biggest dinosaur movies ever made; you can watch them in a long triple-feature on a hot summer day.

The spirits of the dead haunt the living in a new collection of Poe classics; and an English criminal investigates the death of his daughter in sunny Los Angeles.

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'Apocalypse Now' leads a pack of 12 movies now streaming online

It can be said that bad movies are a crime, but very often good movies have crime as part of their stories. Consider Adam Sandler’s latest Netflix offering (his second of a four-film deal), which has its heroes hitting the road and solving a puzzle as a direct result of committing a crime (faking their own deaths).

Other movies this week deal with home invasions and federal investigations. A jury tries to decide whether an accused murder is innocent, and a monster attacks a family based on an ill-fated wish. And in two of this week’s movies, the promise of hidden gold drives all kinds of terrible deeds, from betrayal to murder.

Sometimes “crime” is a little less easily defined. An immature father doesn’t know how to be around his son, and tends to leave. A man (or, a Jerk) earns a fortune and loses everything. Another man becomes the leader of the most powerful nation on earth and starts a war. And a soldier in war travels upriver, under orders to kill one of his own men.

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