New FilmStruck streaming service challenges the competition with quality

Last spring a new streaming channel called FilmStruck was announced, and it’s finally here. It features many of the titles from the Criterion Collection, a distribution company that caters to cinephiles and collectors by releasing great films on deluxe DVDs and Blu-rays, and now via the internet. Movie lovers who’ve been disappointed with Netflix’s selection (as a recent New York Times article complained) should be thrilled with FilmStruck’s impressive library.

It’s bad news, however, for Hulu subscribers, as Hulu has housed the Criterion Collection for years, and, yes, those titles are now leaving. Hulu will have to step up with its own movie library—or at least original programming—to continue competing.

FilmStruck has a two-tiered pricing structure. Viewers can subscribe to just FilmStruck for $6.99 per month. This tier offers some great films, including some classic Criterion titles as well as some more recent arthouse flicks, but it’s still fairly limited. True movie buffs will want to pay for the Criterion tier, at $10.99 per month—or the slightly discounted $99 per year—for access to all the hundreds of titles, from Adaptation to Zatoichi, and including much of Criterion’s current DVD and Blu-ray library, accessed instantly.

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Catch The African Queen and 11 other great movies streaming online

This week brings a bumper crop of movie entertainment to a streaming service near you. Among Netflix’s new offerings you’ve got the John Huston classic The African Queen—yep, it’s time you see what all the fuss is aboutas well as a powerful and important documentary about the unsavory underpinnings of the 13th Amendment, which abolished slavery in the U.S.

Whether you’re a member of Hulu or Amazon Prime, you can now enjoy a glimpse into the seedy world of late-night card games in Rounders, or witness Coppola’s genius in the ‘70s-era The Conversation.

And anyone with a library card is eligible to stream the original Scarface over Hoopla, and see for yourself how it compares to the famed remake with Al Pacino.

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13 super-scary movies to stream for Halloween

Halloween is believed to be a time when the spirits of the dead roam the earth, and so we decorate our homes with macabre items and wear costumes to fool them and scare them away. By extension, it seems like scary movies, with their projection of unholy images and sound, could serve to keep ne'er-do-well ghouls out of our living rooms (and their paws off our popcorn).

Or maybe such movies just give us a fittingly chilling thrill at this most sinister time of the year. Whatever your motivation, we've got 13 (in honor of a witches coven) superb examples of the horror genre that will add some grisly grins to your holiday. Serial killers, murderous dolls, chainsaw-toting psychopaths, demons, monsters, mad scientists, vampires, headless horsemen, ghosts, ghosts in the machine, and—finally—death itself. All are represented for your enjoyment. Scream if you must. 

If these films aren't enough to give you the creeps, here are 13 more!

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The best superhero movie of the year, and other films, are now streaming

If there’s a theme to this week’s collection of newly streaming movies it would have to be “not quite fitting in.” Either the movies are about outcasts, or the movies themselves occupy the fringes in some way.

We have an early, largely unsung film by Fritz Lang, one of cinema’s greatest masters, as well as a later entry by the great director Billy Wilder.

We have a movie that looks like a slapstick comedy but is actually a thoughtful, touching story, and a movie that could have been a preachy Oscar-mongering work, but is actually a brilliant, observant crime film.

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Catch all the Jaws movies and other flicks now online

The latest batch of new and notable movies now available for streaming seem to be centered on crimes, or acts of violence or trespass, yet each of these 12 films explore the subject in unique and distinctive ways.

One director uses violence to elicit fear in one movie and heartbreak in another. Revenge is a motivating factor in at least three of this week's films: One achieves it through music and singing, another focuses on teamwork, and a third explores a lone man finding his purpose.

Violence can be at the core of comedy as well, from a gangster traveling to Hollywood and putting his skills to use in the movie industry, to a golf course groundskeeper resorting to drastic measures to deal with a gopher.

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