Don't-Miss Weird stuff Stories

Hadou-cat! Street Fighter parody has both kittens and fireballs

Little kittens pretending they're Ryu and Ken? Tiny mewls of battle? We dig it.

How to slaughter zombies with household technology

Many of the tech gadgets we have lying around can be readily converted into lethal weapons for fighting the undead.

Immortalize yourself with a 3D-printed figurine of...yourself

Maybe it’s a matter of personal pride or just garden-variety megalomania, but most of us harbor a wish—however secret —of being immortalized. But instead of a huge bronze statue or an alabaster bust, you can do it on the cheap with a detailed Twinkind 3D figurine replica of yourself.

Ken(obi) you think of better R2-D2 cake than one that has a holographic Leia?

Don't you wish your dad was as cool as this? One 6-year-old got what is arguably the best Star Wars-themed cake ever.

Is it me, or are the walls melting in this 3D printed room?

The world’s first completely 3D printed room looks really cool—and it might make you scream a little bit.

Star Wars elevator prank will Force a giggle out of you

YouTube's Jesterlads keep doors open and confusion constant with this silly Star Wars 2 prank.

Vodafone shorts finally let you recharge your phone with your butt

Vodafone unveils the first-ever pair of smartphone-recharging denim shorts.

Google's audacious Project Loon wants to spread the Net with high-flying balloons

Look! Up in the sky! It's a bird, it's a plane it's... a 3G-spewing Google balloon?!

What has two wheels and flies? This amazing bicycle, that’s what

When we were kids, we were told that flying cars would signify that we had truly reached the future. Although flying cars might still be a few years away, a group of Czech companies demonstrated a prototype of a flying electric bicycle in Prague earlier this week.

It’s polite to point: The coming of ubiquitous gesture control

PointGrab believes their purely software-based approach to gesture control may be the key to bringing this new take on UI to the masses.

Pregnancy Belt lets expecting fathers feel every baby kick

Diaper-maker Huggies is developing a belt for soon-to-be fathers to wear, letting them experience every kick of their new baby in real time.

Terrify your friends and family with homemade animatronic eyes made with Arduino

You know those paintings that show up in nearly every episode of Scooby Doo that follow the gang with suspiciously active eyes as they pass by? How would you like to create your own animatronic eyes and be basically the best neighbor on the block this October?

iSpoon is a tablet stylus that is also a wooden spoon. Yep.

A wooden spoon-stylus? Of course. Because everyone knows the iPad's place is in the kitchen.

Lepsis expands your snacking horizons, turns bugs into tasty snacks

If you’ve made it past the headline, congratulations, we have a real treat in store for you. Here's a piece of gear that turns insects into tasty, tasty noms.