Don't-Miss Weird stuff Stories

Chemistry experiment looks like it opens a portal to hell

Release the Kraken! Science goes slightly awry, to spectacular results when setting two chemicals on fire creates a smoldering tentacles show.

3D-printed sugar sculptures are sweet to look at (and eat!)

A mission to find the perfect cake topper ended up in a business focused on 3D-printing sugar.

Thanks, science! Mobile phones could run on urine power

Always using your phone in the bathroom? Researchers are working on a way for you to recharge your phone with urine.

Piranha Plant Pops are the candification of one of Mario’s greatest foes

Luckily for Mario, you can eat these Piranha Plant Pops; they won't eat you.

Here comes the drone: A quadrocopter delivered the rings at this wedding

Don’t have a cute kid around to bear your rings at the wedding? Otavio Good used a quadrocopter to airdrop his matrimony bands at his ceremony.

Sharknado takes the world by storm, gets rewarded with a Lego recreation

Yep, you read that right: One guy made a Lego rendition of the most ridiculous movie of the year.

You can eat these Super Mario-themed 1-up mushroom pizza rolls

Here's a snack for all you Super Mario Bros. fans: pizza rolls that resemble the 1-up mushrooms from the classic game.

MakerBot couture: 3D-printed fashion hits the runway

If you print your own clothes, they'll always have your size.

Astronaut explains how to wash hair in zero gravity, makes us thankful for showers

Ever wondered how you wash your hair in space? Wonder no more with this astronaut's explanatory video!

Portrait of a Bitcoin miner: How one man made $192K in virtual currency

All it takes is 50 grand in water-cooled PC hardware.

Nerf sentry gun might be the nerdiest home security system ever

Until now, I’ve never wanted to own a sentry gun, but Instructables user BrittLiv has built one that fires Nerf bullets. Now I’m reconsidering.

This eerily life-like robot tarantula will give you the heebie-jeebies

This ultra-realistic, 3D printed robotic spider moves around like the real thing.

How I built a RapMan 3D printer from scratch

Assembling your own 3D printer can be quite the challenge, yet an exciting adventure. Here's what the building process looks like.

Ice cube trays for the geek with extra freezer space

Chill your summer drinks with frozen robots, Star Wars figures, Legos, and other staples of geek culture.

Pluto's unnamed moons are now 'Styx' and 'Kerberos,' 'Vulcan' deemed too illogical

Well, that sucks. On Tuesday, the International Astronomical Union (IAU) announced the names for recently discovered moons orbiting Pluto, and apparently the "logical choice" of naming one of the moons Vulcan was...too illogical.