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Nerf sentry gun might be the nerdiest home security system ever

Until now, I’ve never wanted to own a sentry gun, but Instructables user BrittLiv has built one that fires Nerf bullets. Now I’m reconsidering.

This eerily life-like robot tarantula will give you the heebie-jeebies

This ultra-realistic, 3D printed robotic spider moves around like the real thing.

How I built a RapMan 3D printer from scratch

Assembling your own 3D printer can be quite the challenge, yet an exciting adventure. Here's what the building process looks like.

Ice cube trays for the geek with extra freezer space

Chill your summer drinks with frozen robots, Star Wars figures, Legos, and other staples of geek culture.

Pluto's unnamed moons are now 'Styx' and 'Kerberos,' 'Vulcan' deemed too illogical

Well, that sucks. On Tuesday, the International Astronomical Union (IAU) announced the names for recently discovered moons orbiting Pluto, and apparently the "logical choice" of naming one of the moons Vulcan was...too illogical.

When there are no words, Face to GIF lets you make personal reaction GIFs

Make your own GIF selfies with the new Face to GIF app.

waving 3d printed octopus

How to own (and love) a 3D printer

Your new 3D printer is sitting in the box just waiting for your attention. What do you do? How do you start? What do you need to know? Take a deep breath. There, now read on.

You'd be daft not to wish this Tron-themed bar was your own, punk

The flashing lights of this homemade Tron bar will make you feel like you're in a Daft Punk video.

Roaches get put on autopilot with the power of Kinect

It might not be the killer app the Kinect needs, but a group of NC State researchers have incorporated the motion sensor into a “system for automated control of terrestrial insect biobots.” That’s right, they are steering bugs electronically.

Heineken Ignite is a beer bottle that lights up in time to the music

Heineken doesn't just want give you cold beers, they want to make them cooler than you.

Play Tetris on this LED-equipped tie and leave onlookers puzzled

Tetris and tech combine to bring you this snazzy 8-bit DIY tie. Fancy!

The sauce is strong with this ketchup AT-AT Walker

Kill time at work by building up 'Star Wars' vehicles with ketchup packets, apparently.

Selfies on coffee are apparently the next big thing in latte art

What do you get when you cross Instagram selfies of yourself with coffee? This.

Shoes made from Tyvek Paper tell puddles, 'come at me, bro'

We all have to make a choice once we finally leave our computers to go out into the world: what are we going to put on our feet? This footwear-focused Kickstarter campaign might provide an even better answer than what’s already sitting in your closet.

Meet hot, single cats in your area with Adult Cat Finder

Well, meow. If you’re determined to find your beloved kitteh their purrrrfect partner, you should try out Adult Cat Finder.