Don't-Miss Weird stuff Stories


Forget metadata, this tiny tooth-fitted sensor will record all your mouthdata

Researchers at the National Taiwan University in Taiwan have developed a tooth-sized sensor that can read everything you do with your teeth.

Gut plushies turn organs into lovable stuffed toys, but aren't for the sqeamish

Make learning about your body parts fun(ny) with these awesome plushie internal body parts.

Video game-themed maps will make you feel like you're living in an 8-bit world

Relive the 1980s and virtually navigate cities in maps styled after 8-bit videogames.

The BreakupText app is the worst possible way you can end a relationship

Going through an awkward breakup? Don’t see them, call them, or text them personally. Use the BreakupText app to end a relationship in just a few smartphone taps.

Building Brick Slippers are the only Lego bricks you'll ever want to step on

ThinkGeek's latest offering makes your feet resemble Lego bricks. You can't build with them, though.

Chemistry experiment looks like it opens a portal to hell

Release the Kraken! Science goes slightly awry, to spectacular results when setting two chemicals on fire creates a smoldering tentacles show.

3D-printed sugar sculptures are sweet to look at (and eat!)

A mission to find the perfect cake topper ended up in a business focused on 3D-printing sugar.

Thanks, science! Mobile phones could run on urine power

Always using your phone in the bathroom? Researchers are working on a way for you to recharge your phone with urine.

Piranha Plant Pops are the candification of one of Mario’s greatest foes

Luckily for Mario, you can eat these Piranha Plant Pops; they won't eat you.

Here comes the drone: A quadrocopter delivered the rings at this wedding

Don’t have a cute kid around to bear your rings at the wedding? Otavio Good used a quadrocopter to airdrop his matrimony bands at his ceremony.

Sharknado takes the world by storm, gets rewarded with a Lego recreation

Yep, you read that right: One guy made a Lego rendition of the most ridiculous movie of the year.

You can eat these Super Mario-themed 1-up mushroom pizza rolls

Here's a snack for all you Super Mario Bros. fans: pizza rolls that resemble the 1-up mushrooms from the classic game.

MakerBot couture: 3D-printed fashion hits the runway

If you print your own clothes, they'll always have your size.

Astronaut explains how to wash hair in zero gravity, makes us thankful for showers

Ever wondered how you wash your hair in space? Wonder no more with this astronaut's explanatory video!

Portrait of a Bitcoin miner: How one man made $192K in virtual currency

All it takes is 50 grand in water-cooled PC hardware.