Don't-Miss Weird stuff Stories

Here's what Super Mario Bros. might look like as a modern game

Deloix's modern interpretation of the original Super Mario Bros. isn't a total overhaul, but it might be enough to make you wish for a remake.

Photo of Tokyo is 600,000 pixels wide, lets you zoom-enhance all over the place

Get ready to not believe your eyeballs. This is a 600,000-pixel-wide view of Tokyo that you can zoom and pan like a high-definition version of Google Street View.

Meet the man who is 3D-printing a replica of a car

Ivan Sentch, a New Zealand retro car enthusiast, is 3D printing a replica car using a Solidoodle 2 printing that’s been printing non-stop since Christmas.

Fuel3D Scanner

Behold, the first point-and-shoot 3D scanner for under $1000

This Kickstarter campaign hopes to launch the first handheld 3D scanner that costs the same as the desktop 3D printer you will use to print-out captured objects in.

Super Mario Bros. just made surrealist art look a bit more surreal

No, your eyes aren’t deceiving you: This is surreal art using objects from Super Mario Bros.

Maya Art

Artist uses Xbox Kinect to create freaky 3D pixel sculpture of his daughter

This little girl looks just fine from across the room. Up close? Blech, something's not right there.

Samjiyon tablet (1)

Android tablet gives rare glimpse at North Korean tech

An Android tablet brought back from North Korea by a tourist has provided a glimpse at some of the restrictions placed on IT users in the famously secretive country.

Veebot the robot will suck your blood—for science!

The Veebot is a new medical robot that could draw your blood with better accuracy than a human nurse. Pesky humans.


Forget metadata, this tiny tooth-fitted sensor will record all your mouthdata

Researchers at the National Taiwan University in Taiwan have developed a tooth-sized sensor that can read everything you do with your teeth.

Gut plushies turn organs into lovable stuffed toys, but aren't for the sqeamish

Make learning about your body parts fun(ny) with these awesome plushie internal body parts.

Video game-themed maps will make you feel like you're living in an 8-bit world

Relive the 1980s and virtually navigate cities in maps styled after 8-bit videogames.

The BreakupText app is the worst possible way you can end a relationship

Going through an awkward breakup? Don’t see them, call them, or text them personally. Use the BreakupText app to end a relationship in just a few smartphone taps.

Building Brick Slippers are the only Lego bricks you'll ever want to step on

ThinkGeek's latest offering makes your feet resemble Lego bricks. You can't build with them, though.

Chemistry experiment looks like it opens a portal to hell

Release the Kraken! Science goes slightly awry, to spectacular results when setting two chemicals on fire creates a smoldering tentacles show.

3D-printed sugar sculptures are sweet to look at (and eat!)

A mission to find the perfect cake topper ended up in a business focused on 3D-printing sugar.