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Google's barges will be floating art projects with giant fish fin sails

Newly unveiled documents show the barges will be more than mere floating boxy showcases.

Google barge

Use for mystery 'Google Barges' revealed -- yawn, they're product event centers

Google says its large barges will be used to showcase new technology. They are not giant floating data centers or wild party boats, dang it.

Bring your Halloween jack-o'-lanterns to life with these tech hacks

If you really want to scare the crap out of the neighbor's kids, you need a pumpkin with batteries!

Behind the scenes at Shapeways, New York's 3D-printing marketplace

Shapeways churns out everything from designer gowns to iPhone cases, using nothing but a printer and some nylon powder.

MakeVR lets you design 3D-printed objects with handheld controllers

Using the new software from Sixsense is sort of like playing a video game—except the goal is to create a 3D model.

This 3D printer uses paper (regular old paper!) instead of filament or resin

The Inside 3D Printing Conference & Expo hosted state-of-the-art hardware in San Jose last week—including printers that dished out candy confections, as well as objects made of paper.


Srsly? Bitcoin, selfie added to Oxford online dictionary

What do bitcoin, emoji, and selfies have in common? They're all now official words, at least according to the Oxford dictionary.

Lazy Glasses let you lie down to game, read, or watch TV

ThinkGeek has a new pair of specs perfect for your more lazy, horizontal moments of leisure.

Here’s the entire cast of Final Fantasy VII 3D-printed into real life

As Barret Wallace would say, "!@#$%^&*!!" Here’s the entire Final Fantasy 7 rendered into blocky, low-polygon reality thanks to 3D printing.

September 4 could be the time for Samsung's Galaxy Gear smartwatch

The event would coincide with a prescheduled event for the Galaxy Note 3 on the same date.

Meet the flying man: Martin jetpack approved for manned test flights

The jet-setting future is here. A New Zealand jetpack-making outfit gets approved for manned test flights, and hopes to make it personal propulsion pack you can buy in 2015.


British academics brand Elon Musk's rapid transit system "Hyperloopy"

Academics have responded to Elon Musk's hotly-anticipated transport concept, Hyperloop, by calling it unrealistic and "hyperloopy".

3D printing and 60 cameras makes an insanely detailed human-shaped lump of plastic

A Texan studio won't take a portfolio of images for photo frames—you'll get a 3D printed figurine instead.

Mens Amplio is a Burning Man project that turns your thoughts into pyrotechnics

The Mens Amplio is larger-than-life interactive art piece that translates your thoughts into LED lighting and fiaaaah.


Elon Musk unveils details on Hyperloop and it’s basically what you expected

Elon Musk's much-hyped Hyperloop details are out, and it's what you expected: sub-sonic pneumatic tubes.