Don't-Miss Weird stuff Stories

Edible Ewoks guaranteed to make your stomach go 'yub nub'

It might also be better to be an Ewok hater in the face of the Sushiwoks as they're almost too cute to eat.

Lightsaber knitting needles let your balls of yarn battle epic duels

These lightsaber knitting needles are perfect for the crafty, Star Wars nerd.

Knitted shell sweater turns your turtle friend into Super Mario’s Bowser

When you know how to knit, who needs a normal turtle when you can have a badass super villain one?

Oscar Mayer wants you to give the gift of bacon this Father's Day (no, really)

Bacon experts Oscar Mayer has introduced a range of bacon gift sets just in time for Father's Day. Is this the perfect gift?

Superhero-themed wedding has Xena, Wonder Woman, Superman, awesomeness

Be jealous. Heather and Kim just got married and they had a superhero-themed wedding.

Make edible Xenomorph eggs because you can, you sadistic git

Want to make breakfast in bed for your significant other and scare the living daylights out of them at the same time? Make them edible Alien eggs.

This clock takes QR codes to new levels of uselessness...on purpose

Check out this cool but pointless clock, which uses QR codes to tell you the time.

New Wi-Fi-based gesture control will make your entire house smart

A research team at the University of Washington has developed a way to enact gesture control across all devices using the WiFi router in your living room.

Map out your life goals with the Bucketlistmap

Cartography might not be the most popular hobby in 2013, but the group of bearded Germans behind Awesome Maps is working to change that, one map at a time.

Computer program creates 8-bit art by playing a game of Tetris

This amazing algorithm draws video game characters using Tetris.

Video: Pigeons can use touchscreens, surprisingly aren't that great at Angry Birds

Pigeons enter the digital age, using their honed pecking skills to solve touchscreen problems.

73-year old Excel(s) at making spreadsheet artwork, is way cooler than your grandpa

There's a lot to be said about someone who makes Excel(lent) artwork with a tool usually commonly associated with mind-numbing drudgery.

Keyboard Cat Animatronic Plush toy will play you off whenever you want

Attention, meme lovers: You can now get your very own Keyboard Cat. Sort of.

3200 LEDs make the Sydney Harbor Bridge a giant lightshow that you can control

The Color the Bridge project, part of the annual Vivid Sydney light festival, lights up the Sydney Harbor Bridge with 32,000 programmed LED lights and fiber optics.

Meet Stanley, the player piano that will play just about any song you tweet to him

Stanley is an Internet-connected vintage player piano powered by a MacBook Air that can play just about any song you tweet his way.