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facebook guns

Facebook changes gun policies to crack down on illegal sales

Users can still promote firearm sales, but there are a slew of new hoops to jump through.

Yahoo ditches Facebook and Google logins for its own ID

In Yahoo’s world, you’ve got to play by Yahoo’s rules. That means no more third-party logins.


MetroTwit vanishes as Twitter restrictions claim another victim

Existing users will no longer get updates or new features, and new users? Sorry.

huvr screencap

Biff Tannen's Revenge: You will never, ever get a hoverboard

One website promises hoverboards straight out of Back to the Future. Another site recreates the Irix/Macintosh system from Jurassic Park. One of these web parodies is enjoyable. It is not the hoverboard.

facebook paper1

Facebook’s small Paper update makes sharing simple

If you read a lot of articles on Paper, now you can share them privately.

peers petition bikeshare

Peers Petitions give sharing economy supporters a voice

A nonprofit group supported by companies like Lyft and Airbnb is trying to help people organize to bring collaborative consumption to their cities.

bitcoin scam

Need your Mt. Gox bitcoins back? Steer clear of this website

A suspicious website tries to get people to download what is likely a bogus version of Flash player.

chirpify tv

Hashtags on TV: Companies turn phrases into free stuff

Chirpify is helping brands like Oreo use Twitter and TV to bring fans out of the woodwork.


Thanks to selfies, Twitter and Samsung were Oscar night’s big winners

Oscars host Ellen DeGeneres plugged the social network and smartphone maker all night long.

google menu

Google's latest search feature lets you know what's cooking

Type "Show me the menu for" in front of the name of a restaurant, and your Google search results will now let you know what's for dinner.


Class-action suit charges Mt. Gox with fraud, seeking the return of users' bitcoins

The exchange committed fraud by not properly handling a hacking attack, the suit alleges

tlpa uber

Taxi group wants to hear your complaints about Uber, Lyft, and Sidecar

The Taxicab, Limousine & Paratransit Association's new "Who's Driving You?" campaign encourages the apps' users to file incident reports.

chrome logo

Google now listens for your voice in Chrome beta

Google's voice search is steadily gaining power—it's now in a new Chrome beta. But do you really want Google's ears in your office and home?



British spy agency may have seen you naked in surveillance of Yahoo webcam chats

Whistleblower Edward Snowden turned over documents to The Guardian detailing GCHQ’s collection of at least 1.8 million Yahoo users’ webcam chats.

Facebook kills Messenger for Windows

A Messenger app for Windows Phone is reportedly still in the works.