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Clippers fans look for a hand from the crowd to buy NBA team

It's certainly no slam dunk, but a group of Clipper fans are using a crowdfunding campaign to try and take control of the team, turning it into a publicly owned, non-profit operation.

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Airbnb edges into hotel territory with new commercials

No longer just a technology platform, Airbnb is readying for summer travel season an ad campaign showing off its hosts’ homes.

Apple's PR strategy,, RSS, and a potential Surface Mini

With Apple's PR chief stepping down, we ask whether the company's public-relations strategy can translate elsewhere. Also, we discuss the relative merits of, RSS, and a hypothetical Surface mini. With guests Caitlin McGarry, Dan Frakes, and Brad Chacos.

lyftplus exterior

Lyft takes aim at Uber with premium Plus service

Forget pink mustaches. Lyft is getting fancy with customized rides that come with silver mustaches—and higher price tags.


Uber launches kid-friendly car service Uber Family

After rolling out courier service Uber Rush, the company is appealing to parents with car seats.

Report: U.S. Internet providers allow 'permanent congestion' and want cash to clear it up

Congested connections aren't a net neutrality issue, but they're an argument for more competition.

Mozilla proposes new version of net neutrality rules

The browser maker's propsal would regulate broadband providers' relationship with edge services

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Twitter tests out mute feature, may soon let you silence annoying tweets

You may soon be able to silence that annoying sportsball chatter in your timeline from Twitter's mobile app if a screenshot making the rounds is any indication.

Apple vs. Samsung, Google+, iTunes, and location apps

Apple vs. Samsung: What is it good for? The same goes for Google+, iTunes, and location-based applications. Apparently we're all grumpy. With guests Philip Michaels, Dan Miller, and Leah Yamshon.

snapchat video

Snapchat offers video and instant text messaging

Conversations will be deleted when users leave the instant messaging screen, Snapchat said.

Three F8 announcements that matter to Facebook users

F8 may be a developers' conference, but a trio of announcements Wednesday will affect how you use the social network and its apps.


Bitcoin traders agree to settlement in Mt. Gox class-action suit

Plans call to revive the exchange -- which will be called New Gox -- are being drafted as well.

yahoo screen

Yahoo airing two original comedy series beginning next year

The shows will air on Yahoo on desktops and mobile devices.

Surveillance, ICANN transition dominate Internet governance meeting

A non-binding statement called for Internet governance decisions by consensus among all stakeholders