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klout logo

Popular on Twitter? Your Klout score might soon get you a discount on a TV

Lithium is showing off how it plans to make use of its Klout acquisition. And the plan includes helping retailers tap into Twitter users with high Klout scores to promote their products.

airbnb nyc

Airbnb agrees to hand over NYC host data to attorney general

The home-sharing platform is only providing anonymized data, but that will be enough for Attorney General Eric Schneiderman to sniff out illegal hotels.

comcast time warner

Comcast and Time Warner rank dead last in satisfaction as merger looms

A combined company would probably be even worse, according to the American Consumer Satisfaction Index.

amazon nissan locker

Amazon's mystery locker is a marketing stunt with Nissan

One lucky person could win a car inside the San Francisco locker, Nissan said

share conference

Laws? What laws? Sharing startups shrug off backlash and forge full-steam ahead

City officials are cracking down on the sharing economy, but companies like Airbnb and Lyft are fighting to legalize peer-to-peer money-making.

amazon locker gallery

Hulking Amazon locker in San Francisco is a mystery

The locker, labeled 'Giant,' is a big, outdoor version of an Amazon delivery locker.

FCC moves forward on net neutrality plan: What now?

The FCC's chairman says he's looking for more public comment on his proposal.

foursquare swarm

Foursquare's Swarm becomes the new app for check-ins

Foursquare's existing app gives check-ins the boot as it prepares for an overhaul.

share gallery

It's not all sunshine, as sharing start-ups tackle big issues at industry meet-up

At a gathering of sharing economy services in San Francisco this week, internal struggles are generating as much discussion as ongoing regulatory battles.

Elon Musk

Elon Musk will apparently fund a Nikola Tesla museum

The CEO of Tesla Motors may have just pledged $8 million to help honor the company's namesake.

airbnb nyc

New York court sides with Airbnb over host records subpoena

The decision doesn’t mean Airbnb and its hosts are in the clear.

Net neutrality advocates flood FCC Twitter chat

Many Twitter users call on the FCC to reclassify broadband and subject it to utility-style rules.

airbnb instant booking

Airbnb adds instant booking for sponteneous LA and SF trips

The feature, which will be added to more cities soon, is aimed at simplifying the booking procedure for mobile users.

gmail logo

Leaked screenshots show a brand new look for Gmail

Newly leaked images show a refreshed, app-inspired layout for Google's popular email service.

U.S. Capitol

Senators take issue with FCC's net neutrality proposal

A group of ten US Senators urge the FCC to drop the idea of a paid Internet "fast lane."