SXSW Interactive 2014

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Why women in tech should flock to SXSW

I may have struggled to find the next breakout tech product, but SXSW isn't really about announcements, it's about people. And this year a lot of those people were awesome women with big ideas for using technology to change the world.

Don't-Miss SXSW Stories

urban airship sxsw gallery

Meet the company that's smartening up push notifications

Urban Airship is the middleware between the apps you use and the notifications they send you -- the useful, targeted, non-annoying notifications, anyway.

watson food truck

Hungry? IBM's Watson can help cook

IBM's supercomputer nicknamed Watson is at South by Southwest in Austin, Texas this week, but it's not competing on a TV quiz show, rather it's helping chefs come up with unique, personalized recipes.

Coinbase's Fred Ehrsam says you're thinking about Bitcoin all wrong

The former Goldman Sachs trader and current cofounder of Coinbase says Bitcoin is more a network than a currency, and 2014 is its year.

brand cottonelle 2

Oreos and TV shows pop up at SXSW: Has the tech fest lost its way?

Brands prove it doesn't matter what you're selling at South By Southwest, as long as festival-goers tweet about it.

alvio gallery

Alvio gamifies asthma exercises so your child can breathe easier

This connected device -- a breathing trainer and a game controller -- provides cricual symptom tracking to parents, too.

snowden sxsw

Edward Snowden at SXSW: The NSA is setting fire to the future of the Internet

"It's the makers, thinks, and the development community" that can help protect your data from a surveillance dragnet, the NSA whistleblower said via video at a South by Southwest panel

ringblinz main

World's smallest wearable Ringblingz is coming for your teenagers

Teens can finally look up from their phones once in a while, thanks to customizable social notifications beamed to a buzzing, light-up ring.

cuban sxsw main

What I learned from a shoeless Mark Cuban at SXSW

One underdressed reporter's strange but lovely time getting business and life advice from the country's most outspoken, irreverent billionaire shark.

sundar pichai

Google's Android boss announces SDK specifically geared toward wearables

Google’s Sundar Pichai said the company is focused on helping devices work together across all categories.

secret sxsw

Secret aims to be SXSW’s big breakout app

The anonymous social app has taken over Silicon Valley, but needs to prove its worth in Austin.

assange sxsw

Assange at SXSW: 'Who really wears the pants in the administration?'

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange questions Obama’s power over the NSA during Day 2 of the SXSW Festival in Austin.

sxsw google schmidt

SXSW starts out with spotlight on security, as Google's Schmidt sounds off on NSA

The interactive portion of the South by Southwest conference is usually a launching pad for apps like Twitter and Foursquare, but security figures to be a popular topic this year, judging by the opening day remarks of Google's chairman.

How does SXSW choose which bands will showcase in Austin?

Apps and web services have given SXSW bookers more tools to check out new bands, but the MP3s bands send are still the deciding factor.

cody wilson defcad

Gun maker: Printing 3D gun parts a 'step toward liberty'

The co-founder of Defense Distributed, Cody Wilson, discusses the company's distribution of designs for gun parts that can be produced using 3D printers and his plans for expansion, as well as the mixed reaction from the public.

Five standout apps and add-ons from SXSW Interactive Trade Show

We saw a hodge-podge of consumer-friendly products that stood out as different and innovative pieces of technology at the SXSW Interactive Trade Show. Here are a few of them.