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Netflix snags last, lost season of Star Wars: Clone Wars

The Netflix-Disney deal heats up with the streaming service's first content from the Star Wars universe.

netflix post play

Netflix finally lets users disable Post-Play feature

As promised, Netflix now lets you turn off its forced auto-advancing feature when watching streaming TV shows. Huzzah, I say.

beats music

MOG dies so that Beats Music may live

The streaming music service backed by industry insiders like Dr. Dre and Trent Reznor is finally here.

Rachel Getting Married

10 classic films to stream for free on Crackle

From works by legendary directors to films featuring Oscar-nominated acting performances, these ten streaming movies are worth your time and more than worth their low cost of zero dollars.

youtube screen 2 1024x576

YouTube finally comes to Roku

Roku's first official YouTube channel is only for Roku 3 for now, with more models possibly coming next year.

How Verizon's OnCue aquisition could change the way you watch TV

The telecom giant is reportedly close to buying Intel's nascent over-the-top video service. Could a nationwide FiOS TV initiative be its next step?

apple tv new channels

Six ways to improve the Apple TV interface

Apple's adding more and more content sources to its streaming set-top box. And that's a good thing. But it also presents some new user interface challenges. Here are some suggestions to improve the experience.

giftcards itunes

Giving the gift of digital downloads

Whether it's a last-minute gift or something you've been planning to give for a while, online stores are a great source for digital presents during the holidays -- if you know where to look.

spotify logo huge

Report: Spotify plans to launch a free, ad-supported mobile music option

According to The Wall Street Journal, Spotify could launch free, ad-supported mobile music as early as next week, together with limited a la carte selections.

Pandora, royalty collection service wrangle over musicians' fees

Pandora wants to change how royalties are levied on companies that stream music on the Internet

Post-Thanksgiving relaxation TV

Looking to kick back and enjoy some good streaming TV while still digesting your Thanksgiving feast? Here are some show to try.

Thankful for Thanksgiving movies

Thanksgiving is coming, and these films all relate to Turkey Day in some way or another.

6 tips for getting more from your Apple TV

Have an Apple TV as part of your home entertainment setup? Then get the most from it with these tips.

Spotify tests a Web app to stream your music through any browser

Spotify is testing a way for users to stream their music through any Web browser as an alternative to the existing Spotify desktop app.