Don't-Miss Streaming media Stories

vudu share my movies

Vudu uses UltraViolet to get into the sharing spirit

The Walmart-owned streaming service's Share My Movies feature lets you invite up to five other people to watch the movies in your online video library -- provided they sign up for UltraViolet.

Mozilla hates it, but streaming video DRM is coming to Firefox

Mozilla has little choice lest users be cut off from popular content services, Mozilla's CTO says

xbox one interface

Microsoft promises Xbox Live Gold refunds to disgruntled fans

If you paid for Xbox Live Gold simply to stream Netflix or Hulu on your Xbox One, Microsoft will pay you back if you wish to drop it.

beta Sonos controller app

New Sonos Controller apps exits beta with surprise feature

The Android and iOS app will let home theater users with 5.0- or 5.1-channel systems direct their surround speakers to play stereo sound -- a feature Sonos added during the beta process for its mobile app.

Xbox One

Microsoft stops holding Netflix, Hulu hostage behind Xbox Live Gold paywall

Reports suggest Microsoft is about to stop making you pay a second time to access streaming content through your Xbox. Finally.

xbox one

Microsoft adding 'All Sources' music locker to OneDrive

That's according to a Chinese tech site, which dug around OneDrive's source code and found a feature that lets you upload music files for streaming on an Xbox console.

silicon valley 6 carver

Silicon Valley episode 6: Excuse me, mister car?

Pied Piper takes one step forward, two steps back, and one huge sidestep that goes nowhere.

beats music

Get to know Beats Music, the streaming service that could make Apple spend billions

Curious as to why Apple is reportedly going to part with $3.2 billion for Beats Electronics? Look no further than the Beats Music streaming service and how it can beef up what Apple offers.

Why the Beats deal shows Apple is actually listening

Despite the scoffing of the crowd, the Beats deal is a smart move for Apple, argues Michael Simon. It brings technology, star power, and street cred all in one convenient package.


Netflix raises streaming prices by $1, but current members don't have to pay it (for now)

Netflix said price increases were coming, and here they are.

house gallery

The Binge-Watch List: Streaming down the House

Missed any House episodes during the show's eight-season run on broadcast TV? You can get reacquainted with the cantankerous doctor via Netflix.

playon primary

Hands on with PlayOn and PlayLater, an iffy media server

PlayOn and PlayLater put more of Hulu and other web video on your TV, well, when they work anyway.

Show me the apps: Here's what's still missing from Chromecast

The Chromecast isn't quite a year old, and its roster of supported apps is growing. So we asked some holdouts about their plans to Cast or not to Cast.


EndlessTV is a cool way to watch free videos without ads

New app provides a continuous stream of videos, without the ads.


TuneIn grafts social and personal features onto plain old terrestrial radio

Users can now "follow" their favorite radio stations, programs and users.