Don't-Miss Space & science Stories

nasa robot

Robotic limbs blasting off to NASA's space bot

The robot aboard the International Space station is going to get new robotic apendages specially designed for zero gravity.


Space X Falcon 9 launch

Space X passes major test of rocket technology

Elon Musk's Space X has successfully launched a commercial telecom satellite

Biohazard lab makes a communicator Jean-Luc Picard might recognize

It's lonely wearing a containment suit, and loud too. New communicator badges right out of Star Trek will be a boon to research.

Happy Birthday, NASA: 55 years of space-inspired tech

On October 1, 1958, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) came into existence. Take a look back at 55 years of tech inspired by the space program.

The Highlander

Google launches moonshot immortality project

Calico will be the company's engineer-driven attempt to "extend the human lifespan."


NASA beefs up commercial efforts with Wednesday demo launch

A planned Wednesday demonstration launch of a cargo spacecraft could help double the number of companies that NASA has on tap to supply the International Space Station.

Black Hole

NASA's NuSTAR telescope detects images of 10 'supermassive' black holes

NASA's black-hole-hunting spacecraft NuSTAR hit its first major milestone, detecting 10 "supermassive" black holes.

Mobile phones, meet uncrackable quantum cryptography

Researchers claim to have developed a way to bring photon-bending quantum cryptography to mobile phones, creating a nearly uncrackable connection

NROL-65 launch (2)

Massive Delta IV rocket launches classified satellite

A powerful Delta IV Heavy rocket launched a classified reconnaissance satellite into space from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California Wednesday.

Asteroid collection

NASA mission to capture near-Earth asteroid for study

The mission is in the early planning stages, but NASA has put out an animation of an ambitious project that includes capturing a near-Earth asteroid and sending astronauts into space to study it.

LADEE and moon (2)

NASA plans to test laser communications link with upcoming lunar mission

An upcoming NASA mission will test a new laser communications system that could one day deliver high-definition 3D video signals from Mars and beyond.

DIY biohackers play with bacteria at Genspace, a community science lab

GeekTech visits Genspace, a community biolab that opens it doors to non-scientist types who want to get into biotechnology and biohacking.

Renting an ArduSat space satellite might be cheaper than your vacation rental car

In the near future, you might be able to run your own experiments in space without spending millions on a rocket to launch a satellite.

Wow: Check out the most detailed images of a sunspot ever

Don’t spew out your morning coffee when you look at the most amazing and precise images of our sun and its pockmarks.

Relive Curiosity's greatest accomplishments from its first year on Mars

Happy birthday, Curiosity! Join us as we recount the biggest achievements of NASA's latest rover from over the past year.