Don't-Miss Robot Stories

Six-legged Mantis Walking Machine will slowly lumber into your nightmares

Looking for all the world like the vanguard of a robot invasion, this massive mechanical monster will either inspire love or dread.

Need to control your futuristic bionic robot hand? There's an app for that

Touch Bionics creates the first robotic hand controlled by an iPhone app.

This Nao Robot can spell out any word, could get all A's in spelling

If spelling isn’t your strong suit, be wary of this robot that can write out any word.

Turtlebot II robot uses Xbox Kinect to follow you with drinks

The Turtlebot II robot is a robotics development platform running the ROS open source robot OS. Within minutes, users can get the robot to move, follow them around and map their homes, the makers say.

Dropbox can help find your stolen PC (and other stuff you missed)

Last week, I told you to go and call a loved one. This week I want you to send an email to a friend. After all, Gmail recently celebrated its ninth birthday. Once you’ve done that, come back to read your mid-week GeekBytes roundup, featuring thieves, eyeballs, and the BeeGees. Yup.

Forget Skynet, enter Seanet? Autonomous sea-faring robots are here

Liquid Robotics’s newest future human nemesis is 114 inches long, and it looks like a small submarine attached to a surface-floating solar array. And really, that’s what it is.

You won't need a helmet for this tiny Lego bike (and other stuff you missed)

If you’re not allowed to keep Lego any more because you have to act like a typical grown up and stuff (pffh), I’ve just found the perfect excuse to grab yourself a few bricks—to build a Lego bicycle!

Meet Charlotte, the only spider that's good at math

If you want your robot to replicate a spider perfectly, take a few tips from the six-legged hexapod named Charlotte.

DARPA robot performs ridiculously slow pitstop, won't replace pit crews yet

Robots are being made for all kinds of situations these days including mundane tasks like changing tires.

NYC payphones take you back in time (and other stuff you missed)

April Fool's Day is over, so it’s safe to believe in what you read on the Internet again. Well, most of it, anyway. While some parts of the Web hosted hoaxes all day, there was also a fair share of real news. Here is just a sampling of what you might have missed.

Meet Cyro, the giant autonomous robot jellyfish that could soon roam the seas

This human-sized jellyfish was built to find environmental and military threats.

Need a scribe? Just have a robot arm write for you

Scribing robot arm will handwrite notes for you and print more clearly than you ever will.

Solar panel-cleaning robot means one less chore for you

Installing solar panels on your roof can be a great way to reduce your carbon footprint, and they can save you money in the long run. Of course, they can also build up dirt and dust, which can negatively impact their efficiency and power-generating capabilities. What's a homeowner to do? Let a robot do the dirty work, of course.

New York surveillance drones are inbound (and other stuff you missed)

A 3D-printing hack-a-thon, Grumpy Cat on Anderson Cooper’s show, and other stuff you missed.

Robot arm becomes a robot bartender, your approval rating with friends soars

What better way to make use of a spare robot arm than to turn into something that dispenses alcohol?