Don't-Miss Robot Stories

Meet Charlotte, the only spider that's good at math

If you want your robot to replicate a spider perfectly, take a few tips from the six-legged hexapod named Charlotte.

DARPA robot performs ridiculously slow pitstop, won't replace pit crews yet

Robots are being made for all kinds of situations these days including mundane tasks like changing tires.

NYC payphones take you back in time (and other stuff you missed)

April Fool's Day is over, so it’s safe to believe in what you read on the Internet again. Well, most of it, anyway. While some parts of the Web hosted hoaxes all day, there was also a fair share of real news. Here is just a sampling of what you might have missed.

Meet Cyro, the giant autonomous robot jellyfish that could soon roam the seas

This human-sized jellyfish was built to find environmental and military threats.

Need a scribe? Just have a robot arm write for you

Scribing robot arm will handwrite notes for you and print more clearly than you ever will.

Solar panel-cleaning robot means one less chore for you

Installing solar panels on your roof can be a great way to reduce your carbon footprint, and they can save you money in the long run. Of course, they can also build up dirt and dust, which can negatively impact their efficiency and power-generating capabilities. What's a homeowner to do? Let a robot do the dirty work, of course.

New York surveillance drones are inbound (and other stuff you missed)

A 3D-printing hack-a-thon, Grumpy Cat on Anderson Cooper’s show, and other stuff you missed.

Robot arm becomes a robot bartender, your approval rating with friends soars

What better way to make use of a spare robot arm than to turn into something that dispenses alcohol?

Homemade robots shoot Frisbees in student competition

Hundreds of high school students gathered in Boston this weekend to pit their homemade robots against other schools bots in the FIRST Robotics Competition.

How to get all A's at school with Raspberry Pi (and other stuff you missed)

At school, whenever I got a big project to work on at home to present in class, I’d spend days trying to think up how to make everyone else’s work look drab. Sometimes this worked out, but after seeing this father-daughter Raspberry Pi poster project, looks like I got a taste of my own medicine.

Second computer glitch stalls NASA's Mars rover

After a computer glitch sidelined NASA's Mars rover Curiosity late last month, another problem has it down again.

Robotic salamander walks and swims like the real thing

This amphibious robot can move around thanks to an advanced digital network.

Scientists give a quadrocoptor claws; what’s the worst that could happen?

Clawed quadrocoptor grabs objects on the fly just like an eagle. Um, run.

Paintbot fires paint at your tweeted command, isn't so fun to clean up after

It turns out being a Twitter user can be messy if you have access to a paintball gun and Arduino.

Barista Bot will paint latte portraits; barista jobs are safe (for now)

An automaton that can sketch out a photo of you on your next coffee? Sure!