Don't-Miss Robot Stories

Tiny insect robot floats better than a butterfly, won't sting like a bee

The world's tiniest robot can take off and fly perfectly, thanks to engineers at Harvard University.

Baseball-playing robot has an artificial brain, can learn to hit curveballs

Well, this is it, guys. Here’s where humans really do start become obsolete. We’re now building robots that can not only play sports, but can learn how to play better using a artificial brain that works like a human's.

Curiosity rover may be in trouble after a month of silence

NASA engineers are waiting to see if they can pull a long-running Mars rover out of stand-by mode.

Japan uses robots, tech to care for elderly

Japanese firms in Osaka showed their solutions to caring for the country's handicapped and increasing number of elderly

This six-foot-tall rideable mecha is just for kids, costs as much as a new car

Don't have the millions it takes to buy the 13-foot-tall Kuratas rideable robot? If you're small enough, you could have this mecha instead.

Flipperbot is a robot that moves like a baby sea turtle

Over the years, scientists have taken cues from just about everything in the animal kingdom to make robots. This time, they're taking a page out of the sea turtle's book.

Nerdiest proposal ever? Watch someone pop the question using an aerial drone

How would you go about proposing to your significant other? With flowers? A picnic in the park? A fancy dinner? At a baseball game? If you're this gentlemen who goes by the name of Jason, none of these options are good enough. No, you propose using technology. More specifically, an aerial drone.

Robot Zoo showcases homemade bots

Robots have long been able to help humans complete certain tasks and some homemade bots were on show at the recent Robot Zoo in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Humans Rights Watch leads a campaign to stop killer robots, isn't joking around

Humans Rights Watch officially announces campaign to stop killer robots

Research suggests you’ll still empathize with robots when they take over

If you’ve ever felt some kind of emotion towards a robot, it’s possibly because your brain treats them similarly to how it treats humans.

Health care robot brings experts to bedside

A health care robot developed by iRobot and InTouch Health allows doctors who may be thousands of miles away to interact with patients at their bedsides.


All-robot film crew makes a documentary about humans

The Blabdroid Project lets adorable robots interview and record humans with pointed philosophical questions.

TechHive Video Update: Home-made robots

We run through some of the highlights from the recent Robot Block Party at Stanford University.

DASH is the foldable hexapod that runs like a cockroach

If you suffer from a fear of cockroaches, you may want to look away from Dash Robotics' creation.

Homebrew Robots - TechHive Update

Homebrew Robots - TechHive Update

DEMO Mobile Roundup - TechHive Update

DEMO Mobile Roundup - TechHive Update

Thymio educational robots introduce kids to robotics

Thymio robots from Switzerland feature a graphics programming language that can help children engage with robotics, and also offer them the chance to get their hands dirty with code