Don't-Miss Robot Stories

Robot Zoo showcases homemade bots

Robots have long been able to help humans complete certain tasks and some homemade bots were on show at the recent Robot Zoo in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Humans Rights Watch leads a campaign to stop killer robots, isn't joking around

Humans Rights Watch officially announces campaign to stop killer robots

Research suggests you’ll still empathize with robots when they take over

If you’ve ever felt some kind of emotion towards a robot, it’s possibly because your brain treats them similarly to how it treats humans.

Health care robot brings experts to bedside

A health care robot developed by iRobot and InTouch Health allows doctors who may be thousands of miles away to interact with patients at their bedsides.


All-robot film crew makes a documentary about humans

The Blabdroid Project lets adorable robots interview and record humans with pointed philosophical questions.

TechHive Video Update: Home-made robots

We run through some of the highlights from the recent Robot Block Party at Stanford University.

DASH is the foldable hexapod that runs like a cockroach

If you suffer from a fear of cockroaches, you may want to look away from Dash Robotics' creation.

Thymio educational robots introduce kids to robotics

Thymio robots from Switzerland feature a graphics programming language that can help children engage with robotics, and also offer them the chance to get their hands dirty with code

Six-legged Mantis Walking Machine will slowly lumber into your nightmares

Looking for all the world like the vanguard of a robot invasion, this massive mechanical monster will either inspire love or dread.

Need to control your futuristic bionic robot hand? There's an app for that

Touch Bionics creates the first robotic hand controlled by an iPhone app.

This Nao Robot can spell out any word, could get all A's in spelling

If spelling isn’t your strong suit, be wary of this robot that can write out any word.

Turtlebot II robot uses Xbox Kinect to follow you with drinks

The Turtlebot II robot is a robotics development platform running the ROS open source robot OS. Within minutes, users can get the robot to move, follow them around and map their homes, the makers say.

Dropbox can help find your stolen PC (and other stuff you missed)

Last week, I told you to go and call a loved one. This week I want you to send an email to a friend. After all, Gmail recently celebrated its ninth birthday. Once you’ve done that, come back to read your mid-week GeekBytes roundup, featuring thieves, eyeballs, and the BeeGees. Yup.

Forget Skynet, enter Seanet? Autonomous sea-faring robots are here

Liquid Robotics’s newest future human nemesis is 114 inches long, and it looks like a small submarine attached to a surface-floating solar array. And really, that’s what it is.

You won't need a helmet for this tiny Lego bike (and other stuff you missed)

If you’re not allowed to keep Lego any more because you have to act like a typical grown up and stuff (pffh), I’ve just found the perfect excuse to grab yourself a few bricks—to build a Lego bicycle!