Don't-Miss Robot Stories

This eerily life-like robot tarantula will give you the heebie-jeebies

This ultra-realistic, 3D printed robotic spider moves around like the real thing.

Ziphius the aquatic rover could make the swimming pool fun again

Last week was CE Week in New York, and one of the most interesting projects we got the chance to see was the Ziphius aquatic drone.

Talking robot to blast into space for experiment in human/robot conversation

A small, humanoid robot will fly to the International Space Station this summer to take part in the first experiment on conversation in space between a human and a robot.

robot ape

This robotic ape is what futuristic dystopian nightmares are made of

German researchers just built the first cyber-simian and here comes the planet of robotic apes.

The Rapiro robot kit lets you build your own pint-sized automaton assistant

Last month, we predicted that baby robots might be on their way after the BrickPi Kickstarter was successfully funded. We never expected them to be quite this cute, though.

Cheetah-Cub robot brings us one step closer to robo-kittehs

French scientists create the best robot pet ever that’s walks around like a real cat.

Sharp turns to robots, farming to supplement its TV ventures

Ailing Japanese TV maker Sharp says it will try to break into a host of new industries, from industrial cleaning robots to raising strawberries, to supplement its core LCD business.

Kid to throw out the first pitch at a baseball game through a telepresence robot

A sick kid from Kansas City will throw out the first pitch at a baseball game from 1800 miles away thanks to robots and fiber is your heartwarming technology story of the day.

Never talk directly to your co-workers again with this telepresence robot

iRobot and Cisco team up to build the officemate robot of the future.

Manipulative machines: Why we like robots

Psychologists have long wondered why humans can attach an emotional presence to mere machines. It partly boils down to vanity: We like our own reflection.

This tiny robot skitters away faster than a cockroach

Johns Hopkins University develops a ridiculous fast miniature robot.

Domino's pizza-delivering DomiCopter may be the best thing you read about today

Pizza. From the skies. Think about it. It really doesn't get any better than this and Domino's knows it.

Bring Terminator back to life with 15,000 Lego bricks

Revive the Terminator films by rebuilding relentless machine for yourself—out of Lego.

Xbox One should accelerate development of learning robots

Ashutosh Saxena bought an Xbox to play computer games at home, but discovered that the Kinect motion-detection technology it includes provides a rich tool for his robotics lab where he's trying to create robots that learn what humans are up to and try to help out.

Arduino's first robotics kit is here, and it's a seriously mean open-source machine

It’s finally here! Arduino brings out its first-ever robot kit on wheels, and it’s on sale now!