Don't-Miss Robot Stories

Shark, attacked: Tracker robot hunts sharks to understand their behavior

If you see this strange robot lurking in coastal waters, an actual shark probably isn't far away either.

Yogy the robot puts the power of Arduino in the hands of kids

This Arduino robot might not clean your floors, but it's a great starting point for any aspiring makers.

IBM scientists create a freaky brain-like computer architecture

IBM researchers have announced a breakthrough software ecosystem to complement their neuron-like computer chips.

Gasbot uses lasers to scope out climate-destroying methane

Robots are taking our dirty jobs too now. The Gasbot is a methane-seeking mobile platform that sniffs for the stinky, greenhouse gas with lasers.

Relive Curiosity's greatest accomplishments from its first year on Mars

Happy birthday, Curiosity! Join us as we recount the biggest achievements of NASA's latest rover from over the past year.

Robots attach together to fly as one, show that teamwork isn't just for humans

These robots can barely fly by themselves, but attach them together, and they can be difficult to knock off-balance.


Japan sends talking robot into space as part of program to help lonely people

Kirobo, a talking robot that also recognizes faces, was launched Sunday on a cargo transfer vehicle and will reach the International Space Station in six days.

Veebot the robot will suck your blood—for science!

The Veebot is a new medical robot that could draw your blood with better accuracy than a human nurse. Pesky humans.

$700 drone goes on display

3D Robotics gave a sneak preview of a comparatively cheap consumer drone at an unmanned aircraft convention in San Francisco this week.

Astronaut controls robot on Earth from the ISS

An astronaut aboard the International Space Station used an extra-terrestrial remote control system on Friday to maneuver a robot rover at NASA's Ames Research Center in Silicon Valley.

R2B2 wants to push your phone's buttons, will guess your PIN in hours

R2B2 is a robot that will stop at nothing to guess your phone's PIN. Luckily for you, it's just a research project.

Military robots conquer air, land without humans

Our video report looks at a pair of robots capable of carrying out military tasks in the air and on the land.

Here comes the drone: A quadrocopter delivered the rings at this wedding

Don’t have a cute kid around to bear your rings at the wedding? Otavio Good used a quadrocopter to airdrop his matrimony bands at his ceremony.

Military robots conquer air, land without humans

The U.S. Navy's X-47B drone made an autonomous landing on an aircraft carrier and Boston Dynamics' Atlas builds on its predecessors.

This robot makes your watercolor masterpiece look like finger painting

Put your brushes and pencils down! The e-David robot’s monochrome art is akin to the Mona Lisa…sort of.

NASA robot hits the tundra to help perfect remote control

Researchers hope that Grover, or Goddard Remotely Operated Vehicle for Exploration and Research, can teach them how to prepare robots for harsh conditions.

DARPA's newest humanoid robot takes blows from wrecking balls without flinching

This impressive hydraulic robot can balance itself and move with the same fluidity as humans.

Live out your anime fantasies with this giant robot exoskeleton

Sagawa Electronics develops a seven foot tall robot exoskeleton; makes scenes from anime a real-life thing.