Don't-Miss Robot Stories

Prime Air Aerial drone (2)

Here's why Amazon drones may never land at your door

Amazon's distribution network limits the company's deliveries to just a tiny fraction of the country

15 awesome techy gifts for kids

From smart robots they can program themselves, to humble building blocks that teach physics and engineering, these gifts will delight tech-savvy children and the adults who love them.

Double Robotics review: Why go to the office when a robot can go for you?

Double is an easy-to-use robot with iPad controls for videoconferencing.

Meet Monsieur, the robotic bartender for your home

This Android-powered artificially intelligent robotic bartender can pour you a drink at the touch of a button.

Review: Sphero 2.0 is a brighter, faster, smartphone-controlled ball of fun

It rolls, it jumps, it changes colors—and it can teach your kids about programming and augmented reality, too.

Spiri is a flying robotic development platform for your dreams of global domination

If your human friends are unwilling to join you on your adventures, the programmable Spiri might be right up your alley.

Driverless Trucks

The first driverless cars will actually be a bunch of trucks

Don't let Google hype confuse you: The future of automated vehicles is all about moving cargo, not people.

Robotic needles bust cranial blood clots, could make brain surgery less invasive

Don’t worry, no pictures: Vanderbuilt University's robotic needles could one day make certain kinds of brain surgery far less invasive.

Shark, attacked: Tracker robot hunts sharks to understand their behavior

If you see this strange robot lurking in coastal waters, an actual shark probably isn't far away either.

Yogy the robot puts the power of Arduino in the hands of kids

This Arduino robot might not clean your floors, but it's a great starting point for any aspiring makers.

IBM scientists create a freaky brain-like computer architecture

IBM researchers have announced a breakthrough software ecosystem to complement their neuron-like computer chips.

Gasbot uses lasers to scope out climate-destroying methane

Robots are taking our dirty jobs too now. The Gasbot is a methane-seeking mobile platform that sniffs for the stinky, greenhouse gas with lasers.

Relive Curiosity's greatest accomplishments from its first year on Mars

Happy birthday, Curiosity! Join us as we recount the biggest achievements of NASA's latest rover from over the past year.

Robots attach together to fly as one, show that teamwork isn't just for humans

These robots can barely fly by themselves, but attach them together, and they can be difficult to knock off-balance.


Japan sends talking robot into space as part of program to help lonely people

Kirobo, a talking robot that also recognizes faces, was launched Sunday on a cargo transfer vehicle and will reach the International Space Station in six days.