Don't-Miss Meme Stories

Insane Clown Posse

It wouldn't be summer without a new Insane Clown Posse infomercial on the Web

You don't need to be a fan of the clown-rap genre to appreciate these masterworks of insanity.


Sharknado is best film ever made according to Twitter, fails to translate into ratings gold

How could a film about sharks in tornados with a huge social media buzz not be a ratings boon? Because snark ≠ ratings.

When there are no words, Face to GIF lets you make personal reaction GIFs

Make your own GIF selfies with the new Face to GIF app.

Lil Bub gets her own 'talk show,' promises to meow it up soon

Lil Bub teams up with Revision3 to star in her first ever talk show.

Oscar Mayer wants you to give the gift of bacon this Father's Day (no, really)

Bacon experts Oscar Mayer has introduced a range of bacon gift sets just in time for Father's Day. Is this the perfect gift?

Send GIFs using your iPhone

Did you know you could send a GIF via your iPhone's Message app? After this week's Tech Tip, you will.

Send GIFs using your iPhone

Care to send GIFs via your iPhone's Messages app? We show you how to do it.

Vine, the attention span shattering video app, finally makes its way to Android

The popular video social platform Vine has finally made its way into Google Play. Now Android users will be able to explore the inexplicably trendy world of six second video.

Grumpy Cat to star in her first Hollywood movie, give Garfield a run for his money

Grumpy Cat will star in Garfield-inspired family comedy Hollywood film.

Paws whatever you're doing and check out this Whack-A-Mole for cats

We love our cats, don't we? So much so that we'd even make versions of that Atari classic for them.

31 animated GIFs for when you graduate college

Ready to collect your diploma? Then it's time for these GIFs—because we don't really do inspirational advice.

This Internet Life

This Internet Life: Amy's Baking Co. is a social media sensation

We learned this week that you can manage your business's online reputation without going completely overboard.

How Internet star Lil Bub clawed her way to fame

Lil Bub has parlayed her cute kitten face into feature films, books, and a Web TV deal.

This Internet Life

This Internet Life: Charles Ramsey's hit song and The Onion gets hacked

The Internet this week turned Cleveland hero Charles Ramsey into an auto-tuned joke, while The Onion reacted to its Twitter hacking in typical Onion fashion.

Lil Bub

Internet-famous cat, Lil Bub wins at the Tribeca Film Festival

A film about the Internet cat phenomenon won big the Tribeca Film Festival's online competition as chosen by anonymous people on the Internet. Not a big surprise.

The White House joins Tumblr; animated GIFs and pet photos to follow

Tumblr is where memes are made, where cats and animated GIFs rule supreme. It's also where all the cool Internet kids hang out these days, so naturally the White House had to get in on the Tumbling action.