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april fool main

10 April Fools' tech gags so bizarre they might almost be true (but they aren't, sorry)

Most April Fools' Day jokes barely merit a groan, but these ten are worth a smile.

wearable card3 edited 1

'What the f*** is my wearable strategy?' New website has answers

What, you haven't yet formulated your plan for world domination in the wearables space? Grab one of these pre-fab ideas, and then try your hardest to keep the venture capitalists at bay.

90sleftovers primary

Relive the 1990s with these ancient, still-functioning websites

Get a healthy dose of nostalgia with these Seinfeld-era websites that time could not kill.

in memoiram

In memoriam: The tech we lost in 2013

Blockbuster. WinAmp. AltaVista! These brands, products and websites once meant something, and now they're gone.

Memes Doge

Gone viral: The memes and videos that defined 2013

Such memes. Very viral. So Internet. Much wow.


Beyoncé's bob tops Bing searches for 2013

Beyoncé bumped Kim Kardashian from the top spot atop from Microsoft's list of the most-searched celebs on its Bing search engine.

The 18 most cringe-adorable TV commercials from technology's awkward years

Yeah, these all happened. Without shame, embarrassment, or a hint of irony.

Google Halloween

Here are all of Google's Halloween Easter eggs

Google's engineers have added a little Halloween mischief into the search graph—here's a rundown of all the seasonal fun we could find.

Banksy Dumbo

Banksy YouTube vid features Islamist rebels hunting down Dumbo the elephant

The new "Rebel rocket attack" vid is both disturbing and hilarious. Therefore, it's art.

@Horse_ebooks punks the Internet, is really a human being

The world’s most poetic spam account turned out to be an art project.

Lil Bub and Grumpy Cat

Lil Bub meets Grumpy Cat: The Internet can end now

There's just nothing left to say or do. It can all only be downhill from here.

Dr. Who, Google Maps

Explore the TARDIS via this amazing "Doctor Who" Google Maps easter egg

Ah, Google Developers, never get too busy to keep adding in things like this.

The Eric Andre Show

11 supremely funny Twitters, Tumblrs, and podcasts that make the Web a better place

Funny or Die was, like, 1986 or something. But a new crop of funny places has cropped up to help you waste even more time at work.

Internet memes come to life as these adorable plush toys

No, you can't have Grumpy Cat, but you can have these meme-inspired plush toys (provided the Kickstarter project meets its goal, anyway).

Home of the strange: The web's weirdest places

The web is full of kooks, conspiracy nuts, cults, and crazies. Here are some of their best hideouts.