Don't-Miss CES Stories

withings go

Withings Go is the Kindle Paperwhite of fitness trackers

An e-ink display shows your activity progress and the time, but that's about it.

Toyota doubles down on autonomy

Toyota Research Institute will focus on developing autonomous driving technologies.

ZTE launches a pair of super-cheap phones

Phones this affordable aren't going to wow anyone with their amazing specs.

AT&T smart city panel discussion highlights

AT&T's focus on smart city Internet of Things technology brings with it weighty political concerns, including how taxpayers, voters and elected officials will react as projects get under way.

smarter kitchen

Smarter's new kitchen gadgets include the food-photographing Fridge Cam

This camera's snapshots aren't Instagram-worthy, but they will help you grocery shop on the fly.

Smarter's new kitchen gadgets

Are you out of butter? Maybe if you had a camera in your fridge you could access from your phone, you would know.

samsung family hub

Samsung's Family Hub smart refrigerator is both ridiculous and amazing

Samsung just put a 21.5-inch high-definition touchscreen on a fridge. Why? How about why not?

Hopper 3 with HopperGO

Dish Network’s Hopper 3 DVR records 16 TV shows at once; can display four 1080p windows on the same 4K TV

And with the satellite-TV service provider's new HopperGO, you can you take up to 100 hours of recorded content on the road.

The Origin PC Omni is the most powerful all-in-one PC

An all-in-one with a standard mini ITX motherboard, water cooling, and a Titan X? Impressive!

neorest 750h

Every well-connected home needs a smart toilet that cleans itself--among other things

Toto's Neorest 750H needs as little as 0.8 gallons to flush, and it uses ultraviolet light, an ultra-smooth glaze, and electrolyzed water to prevent grime build-up.

tablo apple tv

Tablo brings live TV and OTA DVR capabilities to Apple TV

Tablo's new tvOS app lets you watch live TV channels and record shows over-the-air with the Tablo DVR device.

Humaneyes Vuze shoots 360-degree, 4k, stereoscopic 3D video

For just $800, you can shoot a 360-degree panoramic 3D video, with 4K resolution per eye.

HumanEyes Vuze

HumanEyes' Vuze is a 4K, 3D, 360-degree consumer camera

HumanEyes plans to combine all the big video buzzwords within a single video camera, beginning this fall.

Drive virtual worlds with your feet

3DRudder frees up your hands by letting you explore virtual reality worlds using your feet as controls.

samsung 2016 tv front

Samsung’s 2016 SUHD TVs are also connected-home hubs; among the first to earn Ultra HD Premium certification

New models feature integrated smart hubs to control more than 200 Smart Things devices.

Samsung's Gear S2 comes in two sexy new finishes

The Tizen-powered smartwatch now comes in 18-karat rose gold or platinum.

Samsung Notebook 9 Hands-on

Samsung has a new ultra-light portable laptop on the way with a big screen and a thin bezel.


HiSense promises low-cost HDR and curved TVs for the U.S. market

HiSense TVs for 2016 include a 4K, HDR, and quantum dots at low prices.


HiSense keeps the Sharp name alive with a slew of new big-screen TVs

Sharp stopped making its own TVs last year, but HiSense keeps the brand name going with big screens and HDR support.

Ford adds Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, Amazon Alexa to vehicles

Ford will let its cars pair with Apple and Android phones in addition to integrating them with Amazon's Alexa voice control service.


TCL’s 2016 TVs: Just the basics, with a side of Roku

TCL's CES televisions are all about 4K, HDR, and quantum dots.

sensorwake 1

The Sensorwake smell-based alarm clock has a nagging bacon deficit

You can wake to the smell of chocolate, peppermint and espresso, but, inexplicably, not bacon.

perfect blend

Perfect Blend is a smart scale that makes smoothies a cinch

The makers of Perfect Bake want to simplify the already easy act of blending food.

ring stick up cam 3

The Ring Stick Up Cam delivers two-way audio in a wireless security camera for $200

With the Ring Stick Up Cam, you can see—and talk to—people who are approaching your home from any direction.


LG Signature line includes massive ultra-thin OLED TVs, plus fancy fridges and dishwashers

LG's "Signature" OLED TV sets measure just 0.1 inches thick and are covered in glass. Don't bother asking about price.