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Chris Boross

Nest-backed Thread Group ready to start approving smart devices that talk to each other

The Alphabet-backed Thread Group is now certifying products that use its networking protocol for connected devices, marking a big step toward a home Internet of Things that can communicate.

Bluetooth’s 2016 roadmap: Whole-home coverage, mesh networking, and faster speeds

Bluetooth is getting more serious about smart homes with whole-home coverage and mesh networking.

Neone Neobase front

Neobase hands-on preview: It’s just like Facebook, but with complete privacy

After more than two years of development, this private social-networking device is almost ready for prime time.


F-Secure's Sense anti-virus hardware protects every device in your home, from PCs to TVs

F-Secure Sense is a $199 anti-virus box for phones, tablets, computers and smart home products.

Roost Smart Battery (front)

Roost Smart Battery review: This is the best smoke-alarm battery you can buy

It costs a lot more than an ordinary 9-volt, but the benefits it delivers are worth every penny.

NSFW: T-Mobile hurls insults at competitors AT&T, Verizon and Sprint

Warning: Graphic language T-Mobile CEO poked fun and insulted competitors AT&T, Verizon and Sprint during a company event.

T-Mobile will let video stream for free

T-Mobile will exempt certain video providers from data caps.


Time Warner Cable makes streaming service official (but don’t call it a streaming service)

Time Warner Cable subscribers in NYC and New Jersey can ditch the cable box and get a free Roku streamer instead.


Latest Apple TV beta brings Siri support to Apple Music

Apple Music could get Siri support on Apple TV sooner than later.

Hollywood effects for medical simulators

Boston Children's Hospital teamed up with Hollywood special effects artists to create lifelike simulators to train surgeons on complex, high-stakes operations.

Vizio smart TVs track what you watch, sell the behavior data

Vizio smart TVs have a creepy privacy policy, but it’s not much worse than the status quo.

Tag Heuer debuts first Swiss luxury Android Wear smartwatch

Tag Heuer debuted the $1,500 Tag Heuer Connected on Monday, the first Android smartwatch from a Swiss watchmaker. In development for a year, it started with one instruction to the designers.

IP security cameras

Who makes the best home-security camera? We test 6 new models to find out

A boom in wireless security cameras is inspiring a movement in DIY home surveillance. Follow our buying guide and read our reviews to find the best option for you.

Flir FX indoor

Flir FX review: This security camera needs work to compete in a crowded category

Flir's first home security camera boasts an impressive array of features, but bugs hold it back from greatness.


Arcsoft Simplicam review: Sophisticated security done simply

True to its name, Simplicam offers an intuitive, highly customizable home monitoring solution.

Netatmo Welcome

Netatmo Welcome review: This camera promises personalized security, but its facial-recognition feature falls short

While this security camera successfully takes the creep factor out of home monitoring, its marquee feature feels like a work in progress.

Myfox security camera

MyFox Security Camera review: This stylish camera is slim on customization options

The French home-security manufacturer's standalone camera is more attractive than most, but it handcuffs users with limited management options.