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Time Warner Cable’s rumored streaming service includes a free Roku 3

Time Warner Cable may embrace cord cutters with $10 per month streaming service

apple tv

Apple TV FAQ: Apple's new streaming video and gaming machine explained

The new Apple TV looks almost indistinguishable from the previous model, but couldn't be more different under the hood. Here's what you need to know about it.

amazon echo

Amazon Echo’s latest trick: Telling you where to eat via Yelp

Amazon Echo's newest feature: Telling you where to eat via Yelp

apple tv siri remote

New Apple TVs now on sale, with delivery starting Oct. 30

Apple's fourth-generation set-top box is all about apps.

home theater

How to get the best seats in your house

A simple formula will tell you just how far back you should sit from your big-screen TV to get the absolute best viewing experience.


Someone just bought your smart home. Did they get your data, too?

The Online Trust Alliance has joined with the U.S. National Association of Realtors to create a security checklist for moving in or out of a smart home.


ESPN YouTube videos die so that YouTube Red may live

ESPN pulls videos from YouTube ahead of paid subscription service.

The 13 movie-streaming sites you probably don’t know about

You’ve visited the biggies (Netflix, Amazon, Vudu, et al), now check out these lesser-known resources.

surface book surface pro 4 Microsoft

Surface Book vs. Surface Pro 4: Picking the best came down to just one thing

The Surface Book's a great convertible laptop. The Surface Pro 4's a great tablet hybrid. Mark Hachman and Gordon Mah Ung debate which is better, and it's not an easy question.


Sling TV: Don’t expect broadcast channels anytime soon

ABC, CBS, and other broadcast channels could join Sling’s bundle eventually, but they’re a nightmare to negotiate.


Here's what YouTube Red's $10 per month subscription gets you (hint: a lot)

YouTube Red's asking price could be worth it for the music alone.


NBC SeeSo and the beginning of the end for traditional TV channels

At $4 per month with no commercials, NBC's streaming comedy service is a glimpse at the future of TV.

LIFX Color 1000

LIFX launches improved version of its flagship Wi-Fi color LED smart bulb

New Color 1000 is slimmer, lighter, and more efficient than the original; sports ‘Designed for AllSeen’ certification.

youtube red

YouTube Red is Google's $10 per month video and music streaming service

Subscribers will get ad-free YouTube access, a Google Play Music subscription, and a new slate of original movies and TV series.


NBC and CBS All Access arrive on Apple TV (yes, the old one)

Apple’s nearly-outdated set-top box won’t be getting the App Store, but it’s still getting new apps.