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Windows Media Center lives on with unofficial Windows 10 version

Microsoft’s decade-old living room software reportedly runs on Windows 10 if you don’t mind a sketchy download and installation process.

Nest Cam

Nest's Dropcam outage reveals the downside of online-only IP cameras

For a few hours last night, Dropcam users couldn’t access their camera feeds at all.


Netflix’s new excuse for no offline playback is even lamer than the last one

Netflix thinks you're too confused to deal with offline playback.

Powerline Ethernet adapter roundup

The essential guide to powerline Ethernet adapters (including 12 hands-on reviews)

Powerline Ethernet adapters that use your home's electrical wiring are great supplements to Wi-Fi networks. We sort through the standards, HomePlug and, and review 12 models.

D-Link DHP-701AV

D-Link DHP-701AV review: This HomePlug AV2 MIMO has lost the speed crown

This powerline adapter isn't as expensive as it once was. It's also no longer the fastest.

150907 nasa uhd 2

NASA will launch a 4K TV channel later this year

NASA plans to launch a 4K TV channel this fall and has already begun test broadcasts. The new channel, called NASA UHD, will broadcast 24 hours a day and be available free of commercials.

150907 ifa samsung

If you're buying a TV, know these three letters: HDR

After bigger screens, and thinner screens, and 3D screens, and curved screens, and 4K screens, HDR is the new flavor of the season in television technology and it's one worth paying attention to.

tpl 420e2k

Trendnet TPL-420E2K power-line adapter kit review: Bug fixes haven't made one this a winner

It sports HomePlug AV2 MIMO, but it lags behind the competition.

Extollo LANsocket

Extollo Communications LANSocket 1500 review: Top speed and a power-passthrough, too

You might not recognize the name, but you won’t complain about the features or performance.

TP-Link PA8030

TP-Link TL-PA8030P KIT AV1200 Powerline Kit review: This powerline adapter kit has three Ethernet ports.

You’ll find a strong feature set, including power pass-through, but performance fails to impress.

HDR delivers a better picture to TVs

There's a new technology appearing in televisions: HDR; and it will bring a better picture -- when the content is available.


It's football season! These second-screen apps make NFL games even more fun to watch

Bringing you everything from stats to game-time snacks, these apps are as indispensable as your TV remote.

Apple TV

Survey: People really like watching TV shows on their Apple devices

According to Adobe, most people use paid streaming TV services on Apple gear.

Sights of IFA 2015

Here's a look at some of our favorite memories from the mammoth European consumer electronics show that saw countless new gadgets.

Connected fridge snaps food pics

Appliances from Bosch, Haier and AEG Electrolux are employing technology to help make grocery shopping and cooking easier.

Wi-Fi? On a vacuum cleaner? It's not as dumb of an idea as it sounds

Thanks to Wi-Fi, you can program and control the Neato Botvac Connect using your smartphone or tablet.

Seriously, a connected electric razor? Seriously?

We do not need a smart razor. No, we don't. Stop, Philips, stop!

Now you can get alerts from your Philips crockpot, too

Would you ever think that a connected cooker would be pinging your phone? With Philips, that future is now.

JBL Splash 2

JBL’s Pulse 2 Bluetooth speaker puts on a light show every time you play a tune

The speaker gets its name from its water-resistant enclosure—you can even rinse it off under a faucet.


IFTTT’s DO Button for Android Wear puts a command center on your wrist

IFTTT's Do app for Android Wear brings more smart home controls to your wrist.

Yamaha's latest digital sound projector delivers Dolby Atmos surround sound from a single cabinet

Movie soundtracks encoded with Dolby Atmos trick your brain into hearing sound from all directions, not just front and rear.


Sling TV is coming to Chromecast this year

Sling TV could support Chromecast and Apple TV before too long.