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F-Secure Key review: An excessively simple password manager for absolute beginners

Slick and straightforward, F-Secure KEY is a password manager that doesn't bother you with extra features. It stores your passwords, and that's it.

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Symphony review: A so-so social media manager that does wonders with pictures

Symphony makes your social updates stand out with beautiful images, but it's not the best social network manager out there.

Tackk review: Out of beta, still an excellent way to create simple websites

Tackk is a marvelous webpage creation platform, and now, also a community.

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Review: Musique is the simple and beautiful music player you've always dreamed of

Musique is a functional and easy to use music player that will appeal to both beginner and more advanced users. With its basic features and beautiful interface, it will quickly become your go-to place when you want to relax to some music.

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Review: Tweeki 2 brings the best of Twitter to Pokki

The new iteration of Pokki's Twitter client combines a mobile-like, minimalist interface with some interesting new features, bringing an exciting new contender to the world of Twitter clients.

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Review: MultiPLX RSS reader offers powerful features and a few too many bugs

MultiPLX is a clean and powerful RSS reader that offers many unique features and is updated regularly with new ones. Its beta status makes is a bit of an adventure, but a worthwhile one.

Must-have software for college students

Fire up the new school year with these powerful and essential tools.

Nimble 3.0 Signals tab

Review: Version 3.0 of Nimble's CRM helps you find connections and keep them

Nimble 3.0 brings a nice package of new features, helping you stay on top of your networks, and find the right people to contact at the right times.

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Review: See human anatomy in 3D with Zygote Body

Zygote Body shows 3D simulations of the human body's many systems in glorious detail.

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Review: Get your writing done with Yarny, a cloud-based, distraction-free writing environment

Yarny is a cloud-based writing environment that helps reach your writing goals with useful organization tools, a distraction-free editor, and various publishing options.

The year in social media

Social networks grew up big time in 2012. Take a look back at some of the biggest goings-on in social media from the past year.

Fish slime could be the future of fabric (and other things we didn't cover)

The world of nature can be quite surprising. From slime-producing fish to gas-producing cows, get a load of today's GeekBytes.

Did you know you can't really touch anything? (and other things we didn't cover)

Are you into physics? Not so much? Regardless of your views on physics, you're going to find something interesting in today's installment of GeekBytes.

Northwestern University uses nanotech to develop a potential treatment method for MS

Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a rather common autoimmune disease that affects between 2 and 150 people out of every 100,000. Researchers at Northwestern University in Chicago used nanotechnology to develop a potential future treatment method that could stop the disease's progression.

These sunglasses can help colorblind people experience a more colorful world

The EnChroma sunglasses are designed to enhance color vision for both the color-vision deficient and for people with normal color vision.