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Pregame calibration: Get your HDTV ready for the Super Bowl

We recommend getting your HDTV calibrated by a professional, but if you'd rather do it yourself, here are a few quick tweaks that you can perform to improve your picture in time for kickoff.

Nikon's new long-zoom and rugged cameras add Wi-Fi

Connected cameras are a growing trend, and Nikon is adding Wi-Fi features to a number of new Coolpix models announced today.

Canon boosts the zoom in its latest PowerShot Wi-Fi camera

Canon's latest Wi-Fi camera is the 10X-optical-zoom PowerShot Elph 330 HS, which connects to Facebook and mobile devices.

How to draw up a Super Bowl HDTV game plan

Before we get to Harbaugh vs. Harbaugh, it's time to think about LCD vs. plasma. If you're buying a new set for the big game, here are the things to consider.

Sony adds a pancake and a power-zoom to its E-mount lenses

A new 20mm/F2.8 wide-angle prime lens and an 18-200mm lens with motorized zooming controls will be available in early 2013.

OLED and 4K at CES 2013: The fantasy and the reality (video)

Ultra HD and OLED televisions were all the rage at CES 2013, but gaping at these incredible TVs on a show floor will probably have to do for the foreseeable future.

Fujifilm's X100S and X20 combine old school, new school

Two new X-series cameras from Fujifilm have very fast autofocus speeds, brand-new sensors, and retro-looking bodies.

Up close with Canon's tiny, Wi-Fi-enabled PowerShot N

Canon's latest Wi-Fi-enabled PowerShot camera is also its smallest, by a long shot.

Olympus trots out super-stabilized, super-rugged cameras at CES 2013

If you're plagued with super-fumbly hands, Olympus may have you covered with two new Stylus point-and-shoot announcements from CES 2013.

Sony teases an OLED 4K set at CES 2013 (video)

4K and OLED have been two of the biggest buzzwords in the realm of TVs at CES 2013, and a Sony prototype set on display at this year's show packs both those buzzwords into one 56-inch set.

Nikon bulks up its mirrorless lineup with new 1 series cameras, lenses

The company announced two new additions to its Nikon 1 series and two new Nikon 1 lenses Monday at CES 2013, including its smallest mirrorless interchangeable-lens camera to date.

Sony's new camcorders get steadier, and standard-def models are dead

Sony's new camcorders get steadier; some are able to be used as a pass-through projections for HDMI connected devices.

Samsung's new compact cameras have Wi-Fi by default

If you buy a Samsung point-and-shoot camera from here on in, it's likely to have built-in Wi-Fi capabilities.

Sharp stays big with its 2013 TVs, with 4K coming mid-year (video)

Sharp's TV lineup will offer loads of big-screen options this year, but its IGZO displays for mobile devices may have a bigger impact.

Samsung announces fast-focusing NX300 mirrorless camera and 2D/3D lens

Samsung's mirrorless NX300 offers a hybrid contrast-/phase-detection AF system, dual-band Wi-Fi, and compatibility with a unique 2D/3D prime lens.