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Rachel Sadon is a freelance writer based in DC with an interest in politics, culture, and new ways of telling stories, especially when they intersect.

Tweet, like, and vote: Social media in modern campaigns

Armed with a savvy social media presence, Claire McCaskill battles Todd Akin in Missouri’s tight Senate race. Meanwhile, Ralph Hall sticks to more traditional methods for his congressional race in Texas.

Election 2012: Where Obama and Romney stand on tech issues

Curious about where the candidates stand regarding SOPA, PIPA, cybersecurity, and Internet management? Here's what Obama and Romney have said about those issues.

FAQ: When Can You Capture Cops on Camera?

Can you photograph the police during times of civil unrest? At a crime scene? What are your rights, and the responsibilities of the police?

The State of the E-Textbook

Students have not yet ditched heavy textbooks, but the options for getting course materials digitally are growing.

Punch Up Your Pool With Great Tech Gadgets

Eight gadgets to take your swimming space to the next level.

Small Businesses See Big Opportunity in Lower Ad Costs

Changing technologies and the impact of the recession are bringing TV ads, billboards, and precision-marketing campaigns for the Web and mobile devices within reach of small businesses.

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The essential guide to using tech to find jobs, housing, a great résumé, the essential laptop or smartphone, and more.

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Treasured Toys and Early Technology: Worth More Than Memories?

Is the tech you tinkered with back in the day valuable now? Here are nine examples of things that you may have sitting in a box somewhere--and that are worth more than you think.