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Acer shifts to IoT with enterprise focus

Acer has been focusing less on PCs, and more on enterprise and cloud products

huawei liteos logo

Huawei launches LiteOS, an operating system for the Internet of Things

Huawei's LiteOS is meant to run on a minimal power and work on a wide range of hardware


The Internet of Things comes to home beer brewing

The PicoBrew Zymatic beer brewing appliance taps online resources and services, like a cloud-hosted library of beer recipes.

Huawei at Ceatec 2013

China's Huawei turns the table on security after Snowden NSA leaks

Analysts say that U.S. security concerns about the Chinese tech company don't carry much weight in the wake of revelations about NSA surveillance.

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Xiaomi event Beijing (1)

China's Xiaomi unveils low-priced smart TV, new Tegra 4 smartphone

China's Xiaomi -- which recently hired former Google executive Hugo Barra -- showed off a new 47-inch television that it says is the most affordable on the market as well as its next-generation flagship phone.

Myanmar telecom license

Myanmar selects two telecom licensees, paving way for affordable mobile phones

Myanmar is a step closer to offering affordable mobile services after selecting two international carriers to launch telecommunications networks in one of Asia's last untapped markets.

European Union (EU)

EU to investigate telecommunications equipment imports from China

The European Union is preparing to investigate the imports of mobile networking gear from China for anti-competitive practices, a move that's likely targeted at telecommunications equipment companies Huawei Technologies and ZTE.

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China's Baidu expands online video business with $370 million acquisition

China's largest search engine Baidu is getting closer to becoming the country's largest online video provider with a new $370 million acquisition of the online video business of a popular Chinese video-sharing company.

Huawei: US market no longer focus for its carrier business

After facing a congressional battering over security concerns, Huawei's carrier networking group is no longer focused on the U.S. market, and instead expects to find ample business in other parts of the world.

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ZTE to show high-end handset at CES

Chinese handset maker ZTE, known for its budget smartphones, will unveil a new high-end device at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas next month, marking a change of direction for the company.

Workers' rights group accuses reported iPad mini supplier of labor abuses

A workers' rights group has slammed what it calls the "iPad mini manufacturer" for maintaining poor working conditions at a factory in China.

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Will robots build your next iPhone?

They build cars, assemble TV panels and vacuum floors. But can robots build an iPhone?

China's Top Video Sites, Youku and Tudou, Join Forces in Merger

China's two leading video sites, Youku and Tudou, announced on Monday the companies would merge, creating the country's largest online video platform and dealing...