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Tweak your iOS audio with EQ settings

Equalization—aka EQ—can improve the sounds coming out of your iOS device without requiring you to buy expensive new headphones. Here's how it works and why you should be using it.

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High fidelity: How to get lossless and high-res audio on iOS devices

Do you have FLAC files you want to enjoy on your iPhone or iPod touch? With the right software, you can play stuff that Apple's built-in Music app can't.

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The iTunes Store at 10: How Apple reinvented the music business

It's been a decade since the iTunes Music Store first flung open its digital doors. All it has done since then is change the way we buy and listen to music.

Find free, cool music on SoundCloud

The Internet has no shortage of places offering streaming music these days. But few digital music destinations offer the unique selections you can find on SoundCloud.

Master of channels: Finding the best Roku has to offer

Roku devices offer hundreds of entertainment channels. Here are some of the best; plus, how to find and install unofficial channels to extend your viewing pleasure.

Music ID app face-off: Shazam vs. SoundHound

What's that song? Shazam and SoundHound might know the answer. We put them head-to-head.

Six great Spotify apps for music discovery

Spotify Apps, which work within the desktop software, are a great way to discover new music.

What makes one speaker better than another?

All speakers are not created equal. So, what makes one better than another?

How many speakers is enough?

Choosing the right amount of speakers for your home entertainment system is like picking the firmness level for your side of a Sleep Number bed. In other words, it’s extremely personal.