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Live blog: Amazon's Kindle press event

We're on the scene at Amazon's big press event in Santa Monica, California, and live blogging now. Join us.

Kindle Fire

Live Blog: Amazon press event

Will we see a new and improved Kindle Fire? Will Amazon find a way to reduce the price even further? Will traditional e-ink Kindles get a new an improved model? We'll have all the details live from Santa Monica.

Wireless power gears up, but it needs a single standard to succeed

Several wireless power initiatives are jockeying for position, and standards need to be sorted out before wire-free charging becomes the norm. Intel's new initiative could provide the jolt the market needs.

Samsung's pricing sets the stage for other Windows 8 tablets

Samsung became the first tablet maker to put a price tag on Windows 8 tablet with its Series 5 Slate and Series 7 Slate offerings. Samsung’s new tablets could offer a lot for your dollar, but they won't be priced to match the baseline iPad and Android tablets.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Review: The Pen Sets This Android Tablet Apart

With pen input and a highly customized version of Android 4.0, the Note 10.1 distinguishes itself in a crowded market.


The Best-Performing Android Tablets Today

Led by slates carrying Nvidia's Tegra 3 processor, Android tablets are highly competitive against Apple's iPad.


Live-Streaming the Olympics

We've logged the hours to find out the ups and downs of streaming the London Olympic Games.

How Microsoft Surface Stacks Up Against Its Tablet Competition

How do the specs for the upcoming Microsoft Surface for Windows RT and Surface for Windows Pro compare with the Apple iPad? Here's what we know.


Microsoft Surface RT vs. Surface Pro: Which Tablet Will You Want?

Will big-ticket apps be ready for the two different Surface models when they launch? Which version looks to be the better deal? And will Microsoft's radical gambit in producing its own tablet hardware succeed?


Microsoft Surface Tablet: Your Next Windows PC?

Redmond's upcoming Surface hardware feels stylish, fresh, and exciting. Apple's iPad finally gets some real competition.


Recording the Olympics in HD

You can capture the action from London 2012 to enjoy whenever you want, without having to live with the constraints of a DVR. Melissa J. Perenson walks you through what you'll need.

Hands-On With Qualcomm's Snappy Snapdragon S4 Pro Tablet

We go beyond benchmarks to see just how Qualcomm's highly anticipated quad-core chip may change your tablet experience.

Scouting Report: Google Nexus 7

Google’s Nexus 7 tablet is here, but the question is: Is this bargain 7-inch tablet the tablet you’ve been waiting for? Let’s dig into what it offers and find out.

TechHive: NBC Goes for the Gold With Live Streaming Olympics App

NBC Sports rolls out two free mobile apps aimed at helping you enjoy the Olympic Games, either independently or on a second screen.

NBC goes for the gold with live streaming Olympics app

The broadcaster rolled out news apps for iOS and Android that will provide streaming access to every sport and will supplement broadcasts with highlights, schedules, and results. Melissa J. Perenson has a preview of what to expect.