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Asus crams Windows 8 and Android 4.1 into one gargantuan tablet (video hands-on)

Asus's 2013 lineup includes some products we've seen before, but now have release dates. Foremost among them: An all-in-one desktop/tablet combination that attempts to merge the best of two worlds.

Nvidia boosts graphics, Web performance on its new Tegra 4 mobile platform

Nvidia's new system-on-a-chip is set to lead tablet performance to new heights in 2013.

Seagate launches Wireless Plus and Central networked drives

Seagate launches Wireless Plus and Central networked drives.

future tablets

Future Tech 2013: Tablets

We expect tablets to continue evolving at a lightning-fast pace.

Look back at 2012: The year in tablets

Here's how the past year played out in tablets. (Hint: It wasn't only about the Apple iPad this time.)

The best e-reader for you

Trying to decide which e-reader fits your needs? Check this handy guide to the latest e-readers.

iPad mini vs. Nexus 7: The debate

They both have 7-inch screens, they're both built by two of the biggest names in personal technology, and they both have their fans and their detractors. Which is better, the iPad mini or the Nexus 7? Chris Breen and Melissa Perenson duke it out.

Review: Barnes & Noble Nook HD+ is the best value in a large tablet, if you can live within its limits

Together with an attractive price and expandable storage, the Nook HD+ makes a compelling tablet choice, especially for those who plan to use it primarily for reading and Web surfing, and less for finding the latest hot app.

How to buy a tablet

We walk you through the important things to consider before you buy.

Review: Amazon Kindle Fire HD 8.9 4G LTE Wireless

The Amazon Kindle Fire HD 8.9 brings the solid, controlled tablet experience of its smaller sibling to a bigger screen—and has an affordable connected option, too.

How Google Nexus 7 with mobile data changes connected tablets

The first mainstream tablet with an unlocked SIM card slot catapults Nexus 7 to the top of the list for jet-setting travelers.

Today's best-performing tablets

We've seen about two dozen tablets in our labs over the past few months. Here are the best of the best on our benchmarks.

Review: Google's Nexus 10 is the Android tablet we've always wanted—almost

The Google Nexus 10 pairs a terrific display with a finely tuned design.

What I like and loathe about Google's Nexus 10

After extensive use, these are the design points that stuck with me--for better or for worse.

Six key messages Microsoft is sending to Windows 8 developers

Microsoft made its pitch to Windows 8 developers -- and by extension, consumers -- during the opening session of its Build conference Tuesday. Sitting in the audience, Melissa Perenson spotted five trends surrounding the company's efforts to promote its new operating system.