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Loyd Case first started writing about PC technology for Computer Gaming World, giving him a creative outlet for his obsession about PC performance. The PC industry -- and Loyd -- have never been quite the same since.


30 years of PCWorld, 30 pivotal moments in PC history

PCWorld celebrates its 30th birthday this month—and the technological progress we’ve seen since 1983 has been remarkable. Join us on a walk through history as we revisit some of the PC platform’s greatest moments.

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The CES International Pavilion: Weird, prosaic, wonderful . . .

The CES International Pavilion is full of endless aisles of austere booths that all look alike, but it's home of some of the show's weirdest gadgets.

CES reveals the four new rules of PC simplicity

2013's crop of new PCs will be versatile, powerful, and most importantly, simple to use.

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Viewsonic puts Nvidia inside

Viewsonic pops a Tegra 3 processor into a display that also has a Windows 8 touchscreen.

Intel at CES: throwing down the gauntlet with Nvidia (video)

Intel cuts a broad swath at CES with new CPUs for phones, tablets and Ultrabooks.

Nvidia GRID server promises speedy cloud-based gaming (video)

Nvidia promises fast streaming streaming of games and other 3D content with its GPU-packed, virtualization-powered servers.

Lenovo’s hybrid laptops get smaller with the Yoga 11S, Helix tablet (video)

Lenovo continued its deluge of new Windows 8 product offerings at CES 2013, with key additions to its line of Windows 8 hybrid laptops announced Monday, including a smaller IdeaPad Yoga 11S.

Keep tabs on your car with Verizon's remote monitoring and diagnostics service

Delphi's Vehicle Diagnostics lets consumers monitor their car’s diagnostics systems with Verizon-connected mobile devices.

Nvidia’s audacious attempt to make life easier for PC gamers

Nvidia’s CEO spoke about his company’s grand plan to help all PC gamers reach optimum graphics performance.

HP Envy 27-inch monitor

HP highlights skinny monitors, media player, and budget Windows 8 laptops at CES

Hewlett-Packard highlights a super-thin monitor at CES 2013, accompanied with a family of desktop monitors, a portable media streaming device, and budget Windows 8 laptops.

The 5 best Windows 8 tablets and laptops you can buy today

We've seen the future, and the future isn't boring clamshell laptops. Windows 8 is forcing PC makers to make refreshing changes to the old laptop paradigm.

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Review: Samsung ATIV Smart PC hits the clover trail

Samsung's ATIV Smart PC design is neither fish nor fowl. In its attempt to blur the line between tablet and PC, Samsung only confuses the issue.

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How Windows 8 rewrites the rules of PC gaming

As Microsoft moves PCs, tablets, and smartphones under a common code base, the future of gaming is primed to change forever.

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Surface Pro pricing: Positioned like a tablet, built like an Ultrabook

There is much wailing and gnashing of teeth on the Internet about how Microsoft has priced itself out of the tablet market. That's only true if you believe Surface Pro is just a tablet.

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Xbox SmartGlass: Small, indie developers need not apply

One of the cooler apps for Windows 8 is SmartGlass, which offers clever "second screen" experiences for Xbox users. But SmartGlass is also the very definition of a walled-garden platform.

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