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Researchers develop an app to help the blind take better photos

University of California students develop an app that helps blind photographers take the perfect snap.

Xerox scanner grades handwritten tests, scolds you for dangling modifier

Xerox develops a new program that makes it possible for photocopiers how to grade tests.

Interactive animation shows every meteor we’ve seen in the last 1152 years

Bolides animation shows every meteorite we’ve seen hit earth in a visualized timeline.

Beer Drone takes to the sky, brings cold brews to the thirsty masses

A flying drone will airdrop beers to music festival attendees. Cheers!

The University of Maryland just made a flying, flapping robot bird (of prey)

Robo Raven is a robot bird that flaps around to fly, can dive and swoop like a real bird of prey.

United Nations report says no to killer robots

“Killer robots should not have power to destroy human life” says U.N. report.

BotObjects announces the world’s first full-color 3D printer

BotObjects announces the world’s first full-color 3D printer, the ProDesk3D.

Virgin Galactic SpaceShipTwo goes supersonic in its first rocket-powered flight

Virgin Galactic SpaceShipTwo completes historic first rocket-powered test flight, makes itself into history as the first commercial supersonic spacecraft.

Space coffee just got a whole lot better thanks to Rice University students

Rice University students develop a way for astronauts to make the perfect blend of coffee while in space.

IllumiRoom could turn your living room into a holodeck (without Picard, anyway)

Microsoft research develops a projector that makes your living room into a makeshift holodeck.

Get a peek inside NYC Resistor and see where the maker revolution started

GeekTech visits NYC Resistor, one of the oldest and most established geeky meeting places for hackers and makers.

Weather radar gets a major upgrade, can now distinguish rain from flying cows

The National Weather Service upgrades its radar system with one that can better track storms and better distinguish rain from tornados.

Voxiebox might finally make 3D tabletop gaming a reality

Voxiebox lets you play old arcade games in 3D, and it wants to make virtual tabletop gaming a reality.

Your next smartphone could have a projector, courtesy of Lumiode LED microdisplays

Lumiode microdisplays pack tiny LEDs into a small, bright, and super efficient display.

Humans Rights Watch leads a campaign to stop killer robots, isn't joking around

Humans Rights Watch officially announces campaign to stop killer robots