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Gigapixel Space Telescope Is the Largest Digital Camera Ever

The European Space Agency builds a billion-pixel satellite image sensor to map billions of stars at a time.

Image Stabilization For Airborne Drones Comes to Home Video

vReveal brings image stabilization good enough for airborne drones to correct camera shake with home videos.

Pic3D Screen Films Turn Any LCD into a 3D Screen

Pic3d is a screen film that claims it can turn 23-inch computer monitors and iPhones into 3D LCDs.

Device Turns Any Display Into a Touchscreen

A Taiwan R&D lab adds multi-touch to HDTVs using just two attachable cameras.

Samsung Demos Super-High Resolution 3D HDTV, Drops Jaws in the Process

Samsung develops a 70-inch, 8-million pixel 3DTV by shrinking pixels and using metal oxide transistors.