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World’s Largest OLED HDTV Is Coming at CES 2012

LG announces the world’s largest OLED HDTV with a 55-inch screen that it says trumps LCDs and incorporates new affordable technology.

Nikon’s New Adapter Brings Big Glass to its Small Nikon 1 Cameras

Nikon Japan releases a new FT1 mount adapter that let’s the Nikon 1 use any DSLR lens with full automatic functionality.

Researchers Hack a DSLR Into a Hyperspectral Imager

Scientists turn an ordinary DSLR into a hyperspectral camera using a frankenlens made of a diffraction gel, a 50-mm and 17-40-mm lens, and some PVC pipe.

Get Two More Lenses Out of Your 50mm Lens for Cheap

Here’s how to get a macro and telephoto lens out of your standard 50mm prime lens for less than $100.

MIT's Light Speed Camera Snaps a Trillion Frames per Second

MIT scientists create a camera system that can take one trillion frames per second--fast enough to see the speed of light and capture moving photons.

Swivl Is the Camera Stand That Will Keep You in the Shot

Swivl is a novel camera dock that works with mobile phones and uses object tracking to follow you in a video.

LomoKino Film Camera Shoots Lo-Fi Movies

Lomo goes into movie Lomography with the LomoKino, a hand cranked 35-mm film camera.

Check It Out: Pictures Restored by Adobe's Image De-Blurring

Adobe’s Jue Wang shows off more photos ruined by camera shake and restored with the deblurring tool.

Throw This Camera Ball to Take a 360-Degree Panorama

It's a camera! It's a ball! It's…both! German researchers come up with the Throwable Panoramic Ball Camera that can take a single, instantaneous 360-degree image.

University of Utah Develops a Wireless Network That Monitors Breathing Rates

University of Utah engineers develop a wireless network that can be used to monitor the breathing rate of hospital patients.

Researchers Develop 'Duplex' Wireless, Double Your Mobile Broadband Fun

Rice University researchers develop an duplex antenna allowing devices to upload and download data on a single frequency.

Running Out of Polaroid Film? Build an 8 by 10-Inch Digital Sensor

Professional Photographer Mitchell Feinberg decides to go digital with a 8 by 10-inch digital sensor to replace his Polaroids.