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World’s Largest OLED HDTV Is Coming at CES 2012

LG announces the world’s largest OLED HDTV with a 55-inch screen that it says trumps LCDs and incorporates new affordable technology.

Nikon’s New Adapter Brings Big Glass to its Small Nikon 1 Cameras

Nikon Japan releases a new FT1 mount adapter that let’s the Nikon 1 use any DSLR lens with full automatic functionality.

Researchers Hack a DSLR Into a Hyperspectral Imager

Scientists turn an ordinary DSLR into a hyperspectral camera using a frankenlens made of a diffraction gel, a 50-mm and 17-40-mm lens, and some PVC pipe.

Get Two More Lenses Out of Your 50mm Lens for Cheap

Here’s how to get a macro and telephoto lens out of your standard 50mm prime lens for less than $100.

MIT's Light Speed Camera Snaps a Trillion Frames per Second

MIT scientists create a camera system that can take one trillion frames per second--fast enough to see the speed of light and capture moving photons.