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Kevin is a small-time tech hound, amateur photographer, and a general know-at-least-something of all things geeky hailing from New York.

This Insane 4K Video Camera Captures Four Billion Pixels Per Second

NHK shows off a new 33-megapixel Super Hi-Vision video camera that shoots four billion pixels per second.

This Robotic Guitar Can Replace Three Guitarists

Watch this robotic guitar play a song that normally requires three musicians with unrelenting precision and gusto.

RGBD Toolkit Combines Kinects and DSLRs, Makes a Match Made in Film Geek Heaven

RGBD Toolkit lets you make your virtual 3D videos using just a Kinect and DLSR.

BBC Walks on Wild Side, Decides to Air a Live Nature Documentary

BBC’s new Planet Earth Live series follows wild animals in real-time starting next week. It's like going on a Safari (minus the chance to contract a fatal illness)!

Magnifi Lets You Snap Pictures From Your Telescope and Microscope

Magnifi is an iPhone attachment that lets you take pictures from a microscope, telescope, binoculars, or any optic with an eyepiece.

Play Around With Flash Photography in This Virtual Lighting Studio

Virtual Lighting Studio is a free, browser-based photography studio lighting simulator that lets you play with strobes, ring lights, and soft boxes.

Embarrass Yourself With This Online Multiplayer Piano

Multiplayer Piano lets you play a virtual piano with random strangers on the Web

YouTube and NBC Will Live-Stream the Entire 2012 Summer Olympics

NBC and YouTube team up to live-stream the entire 2012 Summer Olympic Games, bringing over 3,000 hours of coverage to the Web.

Photoshop CS6 Will Blur Your Images to Fake a Shallow Depth of Field

Adobe shows off a new blur iris tool that will allow you to add a fake shallow depth of field to your images.

This Is How You Make a Twin-Lens Reflex Film Camera Out of Lego

Carl-Frederic Salicath makes a twin-lens reflex camera out of binocular lenses, a junked mirror, and Lego bricks.

Promise DVRs Record Every Channel. Save a Week’s Worth of Shows

Promise DVRs can record 60 channels simultaneously, and can store up to seven days' worth of programming.

This 5.4-Megapixel Micro-Display Is the Future of Electronic Viewfinders

MicroOLED develops a 5.4-megapixel, 2560 by 2048-pixel resolution 0.61-inch display that could be used in cameras as an electronic-viewfinder.

Sony's New Backlit CMOS Camera Phone Sensor Can Shoot HDR Movies

Sony shrinks back-illuminated CMOS technology into camera phone-sized sensors that can shoot in low-light and take HDR movies.

This 35-Foot-Long Film Camera Makes Two-Story-Tall Photos

Photographer Dennis Manarchy builds a 35-foot-long film camera to take 6-foot-tall negatives that eventually become two-story-tall prints.

Photographer Replaces His DSLR’s Translucent Mirror With Saran Wrap

A Sony A55 user named Dario replaces his damaged translucent pellicle mirror with a home hacked one made of plastic food wrap--and it actually works!