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This is the longest word in the English language (and other things we didn’t cover)

Some serious robopocalypse deliberations (at last), mannequins that keep an eye on you, and other things we didn’t cover.

Don’t have a bass guitarist? Just have a robot play it

Watch this bass-guitar-playing robot play a Muse cover song.

Robot reads 250 pages per minute, already knows how 'Game of Thrones' ends

This book-scanning robot reads 250 pages per minute.

Carbon nanowire muscles can pump it up harder than Schwarzenegger

Scientists develop artificial muscle fibers that are 85 percent stronger than human muscles.

This working retro camera is made from Lego, cardboard, and duct tape

Photographer Dominique Vankan built a vintage camera out of Lego, duct tape, and cardboard.

Kinect watches you, monitors your TV viewing habits with this new tech

There are a few parody videos floating around the Internet on how the Kinect is always watching you, and is plotting the forthcoming robot apoclypse. As it turns out, your Kinect might one day actually spy on you, except it’s not for Skynet; it’s for Microsoft.

Say cheese! This Instagram costume takes real photos

Eric Micotto makes a working Instagram camera Halloween costume.

Memoto is a wearable lifeblogging camera that captures your entire existence

Meet Memoto, the small, wearable camera that takes a photo of your life every 30 seconds.

GoPro's new Hero 3 camera bounces off walls, shoots 4K video

GoPro announces it new line of Hero 3 cameras that are lighter, smaller, and shoot 4K video.

Autographer is a wearable camera that automatically captures your life in photos

OMG Life releases a new wearable camera that automatically captures photos of your day.

This Raspberry Pi Camera Grip Turns Your DSLR Into a Smart Camera

One photographer stuffs a Linux computer into his DSLR battery grip turning his camera into a smart-device.

Curiosity Sends Back its First Color Image of Mars From its 17-Camera Arsenal

The Mars Curiosity Rover sends back its first color image. Here’s what else it can do with its 17 on-board cameras.