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Kevin is a small-time tech hound, amateur photographer, and a general know-at-least-something of all things geeky hailing from New York.

Scientists give a quadrocoptor claws; what’s the worst that could happen?

Clawed quadrocoptor grabs objects on the fly just like an eagle. Um, run.

Finally, a robot butler that separates Oreo cookies for you

Why separate Oreo cookies by hand when you can have a sophisticated robot do it for you on command?

Raptuya is Skynet--I mean, a robot cloud network

Robot computing goes to the cloud, allows robots to communicate with each other and learn together.

Raspberry Pi's makers want you to compete for a pre-production camera module

Raspberry Pi announces a hackers competition for 10 early versions of its $25 camera add-on.

MIT video tool analyzes your video uploads, spots your lies

MIT releases a video tool that lets you see hidden motions and color changes, sort of like a magnifying glass for moving images.

Scientists create a futuristic camera that uses next-generation film

Austrian scientists develop a camera sensor that doubles as a digital display.

Tiny, adorable microcopter UAVs gives British troops handheld reconnaissance

Tiny microcopter UAVs help keep UK soldiers safe in Afghanistan.

This tiny Roomba-like robot cleans your iPad for you

Why would you wipe your phone by hand, when you could have a tiny cleaning robot do it for you?

Lomography film scanner converts your 35mm film into sharable digital images

Lomography’s latest device lets you convert 35mm film into digital pictures using your smartphone.

Scientists develop a vomiting robot to study a stomach bug

Larry the robot pukes up to help scientist analyze the spread of the winter vomiting bug.

DIY remote camera trigger only needs a cable and a soda can tab

Here’s a DIY remote camera trigger that anyone can build using a soda can tab and some audio cable.

Make your own focus-shifting photos without a Lytro Camera

The Chaos Collective creates an online tool that lets you turn DSLR video into Lytro-style focus changing images.

Robot dragonfly UAV skips military development, flies directly into homes

TechJect brings a wing flapping micro UAV that hovers and flies like a real dragonfly.

Robotic burrito bomber takes to the skies, airdrops gut bombs

Darwin Aerospace develops a UAV that deploys tasty airdrops of wrapped rice and beans.

Researchers create an actual transformable robot; Optimus Prime, eat your heart out

MIT develops a transformable robot that could shapeshift into any number of formations.