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NASA test-fires a 3D-printed rocket part—and it didn't melt under the heat

The minds at NASA have found new ways to put 3D printing to work, and it might someday end up in an actual spacecraft.

3D+2D TV lets you watch 3D and 2D movies at the same time

If UC Santa Cruz researchers get their way, you may one day be able to take off those annoying 3D glasses and watch a 3D movie in 2D.

Someone just made a Flight Simulator autopilot system using an Arduino board

Andrea Giudici built an Arduino-based airplane autopilot system for flying around virtual planes in Microsoft Flight Simulator X.

This exoplanet looks like Earth from afar, but you wouldn't want to live there

NASA and ESA capture the true color of an exoplanet for the first time ever.

Stretchable, flexible 3D-printed liquid metal wires could be the key to custom circuit boards

NC State researchers develop a way to 3D print objects out of liquid metal and create custom circuit boards.

NASA’s Mars Rover 2020 may bring Martian soil back to Earth

What comes after Curiosity? On Tuesday, NASA released a 154-page document that details the agency’s plans to double down on the search for signs of past life on Mars.

Live out your anime fantasies with this giant robot exoskeleton

Sagawa Electronics develops a seven foot tall robot exoskeleton; makes scenes from anime a real-life thing.

This eerily life-like robot tarantula will give you the heebie-jeebies

This ultra-realistic, 3D printed robotic spider moves around like the real thing.

Move over, Google car; this is a smartphone-powered self-driving Power Wheels

Australian students develop an autonomous, self-driving Power Wheels car powered by a single smartphone and camera sensor.

The Fairywren board turns your Raspberry Pi into a full-fledged desktop computer

Fairywren is perfect for converting your Raspberry Pi into a Mini-ITX computer.

Make a DIY ‘Matrix’ bullet time shot with a ceiling fan and a GoPro

One guy built a homemade bullet time rig using just a ceiling fan and a GoPro camera.

When there are no words, Face to GIF lets you make personal reaction GIFs

Make your own GIF selfies with the new Face to GIF app.

Telescopic contact lenses could give you superhuman sight

Star Trek fans are sure to remember the extremely cool moment in First Contact when Geordi uses his brand new cybernetic eyes to zoom in on a drunk, fleeing warp scientist. That cool piece of movie tech is much more real thanks to a new pair of contact lenses that give your eyes nearly 3x zoom.

Light your way with this body heat-powered flashlight

A 15-year-old girl built a flashlight gets power from the heat of your hand.

This cloned mouse started off from a single drop of blood

Scientists cloned a mouse from a single drop of blood and it lived to a full, healthy 23-month life.