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Arduino's first robotics kit is here, and it's a seriously mean open-source machine

It’s finally here! Arduino brings out its first-ever robot kit on wheels, and it’s on sale now!

Arduino's first robotics kit is coming, and it rolls around like a Roomba

Arduino has already made it easier to build your own electronics projects. Now, the microcontroller board maker to entering the robotics market with what it calls the first official Arduino on wheels.

This homebrew camera lens is made from a glass puck and some construction paper

Here’s a DIY lens you can build at home out of some construction paper, a reading puck, and some cardboard.

This guy made a working robot out of home appliances

Former Baltimore cop Mark Haywood builds functional humanoid robot from household appliances.

Researchers develop an app to help the blind take better photos

University of California students develop an app that helps blind photographers take the perfect snap.

Beer Drone takes to the sky, brings cold brews to the thirsty masses

A flying drone will airdrop beers to music festival attendees. Cheers!

The University of Maryland just made a flying, flapping robot bird (of prey)

Robo Raven is a robot bird that flaps around to fly, can dive and swoop like a real bird of prey.

United Nations report says no to killer robots

“Killer robots should not have power to destroy human life” says U.N. report.

Humans Rights Watch leads a campaign to stop killer robots, isn't joking around

Humans Rights Watch officially announces campaign to stop killer robots

Need to control your futuristic bionic robot hand? There's an app for that

Touch Bionics creates the first robotic hand controlled by an iPhone app.

Canon wants to help you learn photography with this DSLR simulator

Canon introduces a digital camera simulator to teach you about shutter speed, ISO, and aperture.

MōVI is a new camera stabilizer that works like witchcraft

MōVI is a new camera stabilizer that could revolutionize cinematography forever.

Panasonic's Micro Color Splitter could double the brightness of color photos

Panasonic's new color filtering technology could double the brightness of all photography.

Need a scribe? Just have a robot arm write for you

Scribing robot arm will handwrite notes for you and print more clearly than you ever will.

Scientists hollow out fiber-optic cables, make data travel at near-light speed

Researchers create fiber network that operates at 99.7 percent speed of light and pushes data rates of 10 terabytes per second.