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Wink to take a photo with Google Glass--maybe (and other stuff you missed)

Happy World Book Night! If someone thrusted a book upon you today, they were probably, most likely not crazy. But wait—before you get to reading all that free literature, here’s some news you might have missed.

Want to live on Mars forever? Apply now!

Mars One opens applications for a one-way trip to Mars with no possibility of return.

Mind-controlled tablets are real; no, you can't have one yet

Samsung adds mind-controlled app selection to a Galaxy Note 10.1 in an experiment with the University of Texas.

IBM 'overclocks' solar energy collector tech with supercomputer cooling

IBM improves solar energy tech with a new solar collector captures the power of 2,000 suns.

Tiny microbatteries could power devices for days, recharge in seconds

University of Illinois researchers develop a new microbattery that could be 2000 times more powerful—and may recharge 1000 times faster—than traditional batteries.

A new NASA-approved asteroid tracking system is on its way

A NASA-funded asteroid tracking sensor successfully passes a key test.

Need to control your futuristic bionic robot hand? There's an app for that

Touch Bionics creates the first robotic hand controlled by an iPhone app.

Read your RSS feeds as 'Star Wars' opening crawls (and other stuff you missed)

A fully modeled Enterprise-D in Minecraft, transparent brains, and more stuff you might have missed.

Have a dog laugh at you when you lose a ball in Duck Hunt Pinball

Pinball enthusiast hack a pinball machine into a controller that plays Duck Hunt.

Canon wants to help you learn photography with this DSLR simulator

Canon introduces a digital camera simulator to teach you about shutter speed, ISO, and aperture.

Project Unity combines 15 retro consoles into one epic mashup system

Hardware hacker Bacteria completes his epic Unity project, crams 15 retro consoles in one system.

DARPA makes an indoor GPS chip that's smaller than a penny

DARPA’s new navigation tool is smaller than a penny, helps you get around with indoor GPS.

3D printing comes to phones and games at MakerBot's first hackathon

On the hunt for better, similar, and cooler 3D printing applications. MakerBot hosts it’s first ever hackathon.

Hyperlapse turns Google Street View into beautiful time-lapse motion videos

Hyperlapse is a Web app that turns Google Street View trips into moving time-lapse videos.

3D scanner scans objects from over a half mile away, watches the grass grow

UK scientists make a laser-based scanner that works more half a mile away from an object and creates high-definition 3D models.