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Kevin is a small-time tech hound, amateur photographer, and a general know-at-least-something of all things geeky hailing from New York.

Gasbot uses lasers to scope out climate-destroying methane

Robots are taking our dirty jobs too now. The Gasbot is a methane-seeking mobile platform that sniffs for the stinky, greenhouse gas with lasers.

Photo of Tokyo is 600,000 pixels wide, lets you zoom-enhance all over the place

Get ready to not believe your eyeballs. This is a 600,000-pixel-wide view of Tokyo that you can zoom and pan like a high-definition version of Google Street View.

Veebot the robot will suck your blood—for science!

The Veebot is a new medical robot that could draw your blood with better accuracy than a human nurse. Pesky humans.

This lens will give your photos and DSLR that 19th century look

Party like it’s the 19th century. Lomography revives a nearly two-century-old portrait lens, and makes it work with modern DSLR cameras.

Here comes the drone: A quadrocopter delivered the rings at this wedding

Don’t have a cute kid around to bear your rings at the wedding? Otavio Good used a quadrocopter to airdrop his matrimony bands at his ceremony.

3D+2D TV lets you watch 3D and 2D movies at the same time

If UC Santa Cruz researchers get their way, you may one day be able to take off those annoying 3D glasses and watch a 3D movie in 2D.

Live out your anime fantasies with this giant robot exoskeleton

Sagawa Electronics develops a seven foot tall robot exoskeleton; makes scenes from anime a real-life thing.

This eerily life-like robot tarantula will give you the heebie-jeebies

This ultra-realistic, 3D printed robotic spider moves around like the real thing.

robot ape

This robotic ape is what futuristic dystopian nightmares are made of

German researchers just built the first cyber-simian and here comes the planet of robotic apes.

Cheetah-Cub robot brings us one step closer to robo-kittehs

French scientists create the best robot pet ever that’s walks around like a real cat.

Konstructor is a neat $35 film camera you can build yourself

Lomography Konstruktor is the world’s first build-it-yourself 35mm SLR film camera.

Kid to throw out the first pitch at a baseball game through a telepresence robot

A sick kid from Kansas City will throw out the first pitch at a baseball game from 1800 miles away thanks to robots and fiber is your heartwarming technology story of the day.

Never talk directly to your co-workers again with this telepresence robot

iRobot and Cisco team up to build the officemate robot of the future.

This tiny robot skitters away faster than a cockroach

Johns Hopkins University develops a ridiculous fast miniature robot.

Graphene-based camera sensors could take pictures in virtual darkness

A team of researchers at Nanyang Technological University is developing a graphene-based camera sensor that’s 1000 times more sensitive to light than most commercial CMOS or CCD sensors.