Looking for a Pattern in Apple’s App Store Rejections

By one estimate, there are now more than 20,000 applications available for download from Apple's App Store. Imagine how much...

Apple Releases MacBook SMC Update 1.3

Apple on Tuesday released MacBook SMC Update 1.3, a firmware update for the polycarbonate (white) MacBook model.

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IPhone-to-iPhone Tech Support

Earlier today, my wife was having lunch with her grandmother. I got a call on my iPhone because her grandmother's TV remote...

Review: Flickr apps for iPhone

A trio of Flickr apps for the iPhone offer ways to view and contribute to the popular photo-sharing Web site.

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IPhone Can Download Music Over EDGE Too

As part of the trio of iTunes-related announcements during his Tuesday morning Macworld Expo keynote address, Phil Schiller...

Review: Koi Pond for iPhone

Koi Pond's swimming fish offer a surprisingly relaxing and addictive antidote to modern life.

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Review: CameraBag for iPhone

CameraBag lets you apply nine filters to photos on your iPhone or iPod touch.

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Review: Showtimes 2.0 for iPhone

Showtimes makes it easy to find a movie playing nearby, wherever you—and your iPhone or iPod touch—happen to be.

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Concert Vault for IPhone

Want to listen to Pink Floyd's May 9, 1977 performance from Oakland, Calif., while waiting for your flight at the airport? Or...

Review: Concert Vault for iPhone

The Concert Vault iPhone app is a well-made interface for listening to live music from the past 40 years.

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First Look: Western Digital WD TV

Western Digital on Monday announced the WD TV HD Media Player, a US$130 device that plays back high-definition video on a...

Crossword puzzle apps for iPhone

2 Across and Crosswords let iPhone and iPod touch users download and solve crossword puzzles on the go.

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LaCie Releases USB Speakers

LaCie on Tuesday announced the worldwide release of its plug-and-play LaCie USB Speakers designed by Neil Poulton.

Review: Facebook 1.1 for IPhone

Facebook for iPhone is currently the most popular social-networking application on the App Store.

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Review: Texas Hold’em for iPhone

The new version of this card game, compatible with either the iPhone or iPod touch, blows away the Texas Hold’em game Apple created for the iPod in 2006.

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