Snow Leopard: QuickTime X

Snow Leopard brings with it a new version of Apple's QuickTime multimedia architecture, called QuickTime X. The most noticeable difference is a redesigned...

Apple Issues Security Updates for Tiger

At the same time that Apple released Mac OS X 10.5.8, the company also dropped four security updates for users of OS X 10.4.

ILuv Introduces IEA15 IPod Headphone Adapter

iLuv has announced the iEA15 Headphone iPod Remote Adapter for use with the second-generation iPod touch, fourth-generation iPod nano, 120GB iPod classic, and...

Belkin Announces IPod Shuffle Headphone Adapter

Belkin has announced its new Headphone Adapter for iPod shuffle, a $20 adapter for the third-generation iPod shuffle that lets you use any headphones while...

Report: Apple to Save the Album

With the iTunes Store, Apple has done perhaps more than about any other company to help propel the proliferation of (legal) music downloads. And in doing so...

Variable Pricing Gets Really Variable

Back in April, Apple made good on its promise to sell only DRM-free music on the iTunes Store. As part of that switch, the company also adopted a tiered pricing...

Cartier Sues Apple for Trademark Infringement

French jeweler and watchmaker Cartier sued Apple on Friday for infringing on its trademark, according to The Associated Press, Dow Jones, and others.

Apple Changes Its Mind, Accepts Eucalyptus App

Recently, Apple rejected the iPhone app Eucalyptus entry into the company's App Store. The reason: the e-book reader, which can search the 20,000-plus item...

Apple, Others, Sued Over Shazam App

Apple and several other companies are infringing on Tune Hunter's music identication system patent, lawsuit charges.

Apple: All New Apps Must Work With IPhone 3.0

Apple on Thursday told iPhone developers in an e-mail that all new apps submitted to the App Store must work with the beta version of iPhone OS 3.0, according to...

Intuit Releases Quicken Online Mobile for IPhone

Intuit has released Quicken Online Mobile [iTunes link], an iPhone companion app to the company's free Quicken Online personal money-management Web service.

The New York Times Crosswords Daily 2009 for iPhone

The New York Times Crosswords Daily 2009 for iPhone is a low-cost way to have constant access to NY Times puzzles.


Cameras That Double as HD Camcorders

If you're serious about video, an HD camcorder is the only way to go. But if you take a lot more pictures than video and are...

TLA Systems Updates PCalc IPhone, Mac Apps

TLA Systems on Wednesday released updates to its PCalc calculator applications for the iPhone and for Mac OS X.

CBS Releases IPhone App

Pining for instant access to episodes of "MacGyver" on your iPhone (and really, who isn't)? CBS Mobile has you covered with...